Singapore Airlines releasing business class award space on the Airbus 380 (finally)!

I’ve long been frustrated by the fact that Singapore Airlines refuses to release award seats in their “new” business class (which isn’t all that new anymore) to Star Alliance partners.

Well, I’m not sure if it’s a fluke or intentional, but award space is wide open in Singapore Airlines business class on the Airbus 380 between Singapore and Sydney through September or so.

I’m hoping this is intentional as Singapore Airlines probably isn’t filling all their premium cabin seats between Singapore and Sydney given the amount of capacity and competition on the route.

It’s worth noting that the space only shows up on since ANA’s website systematically blocks any premium cabins on Singapore’s Boeing 777-300ERs, Airbus 380s, and Airbus A340-500 aircraft.

Regardless, it’s a fantastic product and well worth the miles if you can start in either Singapore or Sydney. I flew Singapore’s new business class on the 777 just recently (it’s the same product), and that review can be found here.

(Tip of the hat to harry0233 on FlyerTalk)

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  1. It’s been this way for several weeks, so doesn’t seem to be a momentary glitch. Hopefully the beginning of a thawing. Personally looking for them to start making F awards available on the 77W. Preferably 2. At the same time. And farther out than seven or three days prior to travel.

  2. If its specifically on the Sydney routei wonder if it has anything to do with them deploying their new J class upper deck only A380s on this route.

  3. People have posted about getting new j on other routes, too. Plus, July/August is winter in Oz.

    Just a matter of time before it all opens up.

  4. Someone on FT claimed they got a C seat on the LAX-SIN A345, so a seat on EWR-SIN doesn’t seem impossible…

  5. A couple of things: I think SQ21/22 may be a bit of a challenge. I’m on that flight tomorrow and can tell you both ways are sold out several weeks in advance…maybe it will be different in the shoulder seasons – but right now – they’re selling everything they’ve got. In fact since it’s ‘only’ a hundred seats – assuming it’s a profitable segment for them (given gas prices) I wouldn’t bee too surprised by a second flight 3 or so days a week – the demand seems to be there – that could help with award availability – perhaps.

    With regards to SQ offering Biz – iirc – they in the last few months got a new CEO – who is moving away from the ‘premium premium’ category. They started a couple of months ago by taking the suites on the A380 and making them F class instead of suites class. This opening of A380/77W seating for C awards seems like the next logical progression. What will be interesting to me is to see what they do with the SQ25/26 via FRA flight to JFK. Do they go A380 – and will they migrate to opening up F award space there as has been the case on the 747-400.

  6. So what about ex-N. America? This would be HUGE news if SQ is loosening inventory. Would add a plethora of new options for my award planning.

  7. I’m also seeing inventory on DEL-SIN-DEL on the 77W which was previously blocked I think. I believe this is the new C and not the regional C. Can anyone else confirm? I can see this on ANA too.

  8. @abcx DEL-SIN is regional C (772/773 not 77W)

    @Roland officially no, and I have not seen it

    @hobo13 depends on the city you start from, UA will allow MPM+15% so EWR-SIN-SYD would be permissable while LAX_SIN-SYD would not.

  9. Nice work Ben and colleagues. Can i assume the newish J award is a KF saver award eqv miles. Otherwise it is still OTT in terns of miles required.

  10. Any info as to whether we’ll start to see F inventory on SQ A380 & 777 in advance?

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