“Shoot, I forgot to claim my unlimited domestic upgrade!”

On Friday I was booked from Chicago to Los Angeles (with a confirmed upgrade to first class), and for whatever reason my flight was canceled. I got rebooked on the next flight out, which was a few hours later, and unfortunately first class was full on that flight, so I was stuck in coach. While there were two no shows, I was number three on the upgrade list, so was out of luck. There were about 50 others on the upgrade list as well. Thanks to a good gate agent I at least got an Economy Plus window seat (as opposed to the middle seat I was originally booked in all the way in the back).

About halfway through boarding, as I was already settled into my seat, another passenger boarded (I noticed his boarding pass indicated he was a Premier), and he begins to settle in. Within about a minute or so, though, he jumps up and darts for the door. The flight attendants asks what’s wrong, and he says “oh, I completely forgot to claim my unlimited domestic upgrade.”

The 1K seated across from him quickly gave him a reality check — “don’t waste your time, I’m a 1K and didn’t clear.”

Gave me a good chuckle…

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  1. I recently had a similar situation where I due to a VDB I was rebooked on a flight that that said first had checked in full.

    With F full, I didn’t even bother to ask if I was on the UDU list. I was seated in E+ when the guy across the aisle asked the FA about an upgrade as he was a Premier.

    The FA said sorry but F was full and not 5 minutes later came back, handed me a F boarding pass and told me that a F passenger never showed. :o)

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