Shocking Video Of Hotel Housekeeping

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A video is circulating the web of a hotel housekeeper rummaging through a guest’s belongings.

This video was apparently taken on November 5, 2014, at a US hotel, and based on the room design it looks to me like a Hampton Inn (though I could be wrong).

In the video a housekeeper is seen:

  • Looking at the guest’s package (okay, that sounds weird) a package the guest received
  • Trying to log into the guest’s computer multiple times
  • Looking at the guest’s video games and tablet
  • Using the same gloves to make the bed that she used in the bathroom

Interestingly the housekeeper doesn’t take anything. Obviously the situation is unacceptable, though I’m especially curious about her multiple attempts to access the laptop. Did she realize she was being filmed, and then tried to turn the camera off? That certainly doesn’t justify her trying to access a guest’s computer, though I’m trying to figure out what other spin there could be on what she was trying to do on the computer.

Regardless, the video is kind of disturbing. Living in hotels, and being a mild germ/security-phobe, I usually operate under the philosophy that what I don’t know can’t hurt me.

And now I know…

  1. This is funny because this was already what I think happens in hotels which is why I never ever ever leave personal belongings out when I leave the room. I even put my clothes away and lock my suitcase for fear that some perv will steal my undies. My husband thought I was crazy but I can’t wait to show him this. WHO’S THE CRAZY ONE NOW?!

  2. I always wash cups out before using them and rinse the kettle – is not only the staff that may have dodgy hygiene standards – some of my fellow customers are none to fussy either

  3. Call me naive but I am shocked by the video! For some reason I’d think the housekeepers who steal would target those staying in suites since wealthier clients tend to stay in them and the likelihood of missing a few dollars most likely won’t hurt as much as those staying in the most basic rooms. Just my 2 cents.

  4. I know when I leave something sitting out in the room there is a chance it will be looked at or taken. What got me was the gloves! Also were the pillows on the floor and then placed on the bed? That is a no no for me. Once they hit the floor – “they are dead to me.”

  5. I definitely lock up anything valuable/private in my suitcase if I can’t take it with me. I also agree with giving any glassware a good wash before use…if use is necessary. These days, I absolutely prefer when hotels (no matter what the room price) offer sealed plastic cups for use in the room.

  6. One of my friends used to work in 5* hotel for housekeeping. She worked there just for 3 months, but the things she saw during her ‘training’ (well, basically ‘go with this maid and see what she does and do the same)… Yes, they have different rugs for different purposes and they know how they should be used, but… It’s faster to use the same rug for the toilet and then for the sink and then for the table and then for the nightstand and so on… It’s better not to know these things.

  7. She knew what she was doing definately not her first rodeo. She was not after your package, IPAD or lap top. She was after the access to steal your identity. She wanted your info. Do you have your online banking saved as a favorite? We put some much info now on tablets and laptops. Thought it was bad listing you walket?

  8. Not surprised in the least, and really not that upset by it, though I probably should be. I guess I rather expected that type of behavior. I don’t own anything valuable…ha! They wouldn’t even waste their time on my stuff.

  9. I agree with Rich. It’s more likely she was trying to source sensitive information and/or install a keylogger/trojan. A digital crime (which could come to fruition weeks after the hotel stay) would be easier to get away with than petty theft.

  10. Shocking indeed! I tend to lock all of my belongings away as well. Or leave the Do Not Disturb sign up (and hope they don’t come in anyway).
    But what got me… pillows tossed on the floor before they were plumped and put back on the bed. Yuk!

  11. I always ask for no housekeeping for this reason and because I hate when I come back and everything is how I want it and then everything is disturbed.
    Housekeeping can be good too, but I would not leave anything out that could get napped.

  12. And that’s why I always put up the Do Not Disturb sign. If I need anything I’ll catch them in the hall at some point during the day.

  13. Geez, I have to second/third others that you failed to mention her putting pillows on the floor and then picking them up — a huge no-no. And using gloves to clean everything? Sure hope she didn’t clean the bathroom with them on.

    Would be interesting to know what the hotel chain did to this lady.

  14. You guys really think that firing this lady would solve the underlying issue? There is obviously no monitoring of this activity in hotels (it’s just dependent on the housekeeper). Willing to bet more than half the housekeepers would be functioning in this mode.

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