You Have To See This Travel Agency Advertisement

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A Scottish travel agency, Thorne Travel, released a new “advertisement” a few days ago which is getting quite a bit of attention. Here’s the roughly three minute video on YouTube:

I mean… wow.

The Telegraph reveals the most terrifying part of the video (as if Mickey Mouse didn’t have that covered):

Co-ordinating the perfect strut took staff four days to perfect in the office. “We got some funny looks through the window, I can tell you.”

That “perfect strut” took them four days to perfect?! šŸ˜®

It’s quite possibly the second most ridiculous thing I’ve seen this month, after the American Airlines Miami “safety music video:”

(Tip of the hat to Heels First)

  1. Shame on you for ridiculing that AMAZING thing. You know how something can be so bad that it’s good? Well, this deserves an Oscar, I swear to God!!! I was LOLing, ROTFLing, and every other possible abbreviation. LOVE IT!

  2. Bottom line, it worked. There is no such thing as bad publicity. It’s getting someone’s attention. That’s their aim.

  3. OK so like – the boat captain guy – 1) how the he&& does he just happen to be there and 2) why is his left sleeve like 12-inches longer than it needs to be? Is this common to all boat captains?

    This was the point in the video that I just cracked.

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