Scored two Virgin Atlantic Upper Class award tickets!

And unfortunately they’re not for me! I managed to get two award tickets in Upper Class for a weekend trip from New York to London for my brother and his girlfriend. I used ANA miles, and the availability I saw on mirrored the availability that ANA showed. As usual they had to request the inventory, but within seconds it was confirmed. For a total of 63,000 ANA miles and $171.90 in taxes per person they’re off to London. This is the best transatlantic award value, in my opinion.

By the way, I’m not so sure I want to fly Virgin Atlantic. I saw the crew boarding the IAD to LHR flight the other day, and jeez, what trash! Let’s just say that the Las Vegas route most be the most popular among the crew members, since they don’t even have to change out of their uniforms to make a few extra bucks. The captain was holding hands with one of the flight attendants, and their uniforms just couldn’t be any trashier, to put it mildly. A bit of class, please, although I guess that’s not Virgin’s target. They much prefer the “hip” and “trendy” passengers.

Am I wrong? 😉

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  1. How did you manage to amass so many ANA miles? Were you able to transfer miles from your United account or was this through something like Starwood Points?

  2. Do you think this is the best value on the ANA award chart? I had a look over there after seeing this post and thought it was an interesting change from many US programs and thought there were probably some good buys out there (like SEA-NRT in UA C for the same 63,000 miles/ticket)

  3. @ EE — They were transfered from the American Express Membership Rewards program.

    @ Oliver — Even that’s a step up!

    @ gba — There are lots of great values with ANA. You can do JFK-LHR-DXB with a stopover in London for 90,000 in Virgin Upper Class, or you can go from virtually anywhere on the east coast to mainland Europe for 68,000 miles in business class. For longer distance awards I prefer Air Canada’s Aeroplan program.

  4. VS Upper Class can be a miss but usually it is my favorite flight from SFO to LHR.

  5. I disagree … I think the Virgin Atlantic FAs are pretty sexy. I dig their care-free attitude, too … it’s a throwback to the old days of air travel.

  6. lucky… as a Pam Ann veteran, you should know EXACTLY what to expect … (perfect tan, high heels, CFM pumps, lipgloss and skirts above the knees… and that’s just the men) – although I have met a few off duty VS FA’s and they seem pretty normal and human once out of the uniform (except when queuing up at 7am in the morning for a 3G iPhone)

    And of course should really have given it away 😉

    VS has always been a rebel without a clue sort of an airline with its fun image and disposing of the grey and blue – and it has worked to a point (although in these times, services are up for the chop). With 49% owned by SQ, will someone one day push it into 51% , make it grow up and join an alliance please?

    Perhaps you just love the matrons you have on UA lucky 😉

    Tell you what… try the Clubhouse in LHR T3, then compare it to the “incomparable” B7 lounge at ORD.. then tell me the difference 😉

  7. I have been trying to book a Virgin flight through ANA with ANA miles in upper class and they only give me the option of booking economy or business — no upper. I have talked to ANA rep’s and Virgin rep’s and get 2 different stories. ANA says if I book business that will be upper class. Virgin says it will be premium economy. Since I am booking for the whole family, I want to make sure if it is upper from LAX to LHR or I will change the plans to fly JFK to LHR in premium economy. Can you offer some advice? You seem to know the relationship b/t ANA and Virgin better than their rep’s. Thanks!

  8. @ lucky – Thank you.
    Well, now that I know the answer to that, it seems booking 4 business class tickets with miles is harder than I thought it would be. What is the deal with the “waitlist holding?” Is it worth waiting to see if tickets will be available by the holding date on 2/14 or just try something else? I am thinking if they are not available now, they won’t be available in 4 days???
    I was told to put my miles from AMEX into ANA and it seems like a hassle to use them…
    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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