Sad: Flatulence Didn’t Force People Off An American Flight After All

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Last night, a story started going viral about how passengers apparently had to get off an American Airlines flight at Raleigh-Durham Airport after a passenger passed an unbearable amount of gas. A spokesperson for the airport suggested that passengers became ill with nausea and headaches after a passenger “passed gas.”

Even though details were limited, the story was so good that I couldn’t not share it. I laughed out loud when I first saw it.

Well, unfortunately American has reached out to let me know that the story wasn’t quite accurate. Rather a mechanical issue caused an odor in the cabin, and as a result the aircraft is being reviewed by American’s maintenance team.

Now the real question is how the spokesperson for RDU Airport got the information that they shared with the press. Was the spokesperson simply misinformed, was s/he playing a practical joke, or was there some summer intern who somehow managed to twist this story?

Unfortunately the new version of the story isn’t nearly as good. I should have known this story didn’t pass the sniff test…

  1. And here I was hoping that this was going to be the basis for the defense of the guy who tried to open the airplane door at 36,000 feet last week.

  2. Lucky you’re partly to blame for promoting such a stupid story in the first place on your blog. Poor writing. Next time use a bit more professionalism and a little less sensationalism with your stories.

  3. Good to know, but now I’m stuck with a year’s supply of Gas-X that I bought in anticipation of a sell out.

  4. @mike chill out mate. With all the nasties going on in our world we need a good chuckle. Get that pole out of your backside

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