Must See: S7 Airlines’ Gravity Defying Music Video

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S7 Airlines, the regional airline in Russia, is probably the least well known oneworld member airline. The only thing that makes them easy to identify is they put the name of the airline on the tail.


Something tells me the airline will be more well known after this insane video they’ve uploaded, which they claim is shot in zero gravity, in a real plane, in the sky, with no wires of green screen. Here’s the incredible video:

Hello, Dear Ones. Please enjoy our new video for “Upside Down & Inside Out”. A million thanks to S7 Airlines. #GravitysJustAHabit

Posted by OK Go on Thursday, February 11, 2016

While the video’s description is in Russian, if I’m interpreting this correctly, the filming was done across 21 flights, with about 15 periods of weightlessness in each flight. The musicians spent a total of 2hr15min being held in weightlessness to achieve this effect.


  1. Heads up—this band is called OK GO, and they’re well known for having super fun music videos (that tend to go viral). Check

  2. YouTube description reads as follows

    В течение одного полета выполнялось по 15 периодов невесомости. Всего для съемок клипа был выполнен 21 полет – больше, чем годичная норма космонавта в процессе подготовки. Музыканты провели в невесомости около 2 часов 15 минут. Чтобы добиться эффекта единого видео, снятого одним дублем, съемка велась непрерывно – когда заканчивался период невесомости, музыканты и участники клипа останавливались на своих местах, останавливали музыку и ждали следующего режима невесомости, чтобы продолжить съемку с того же места.

    During each flight there were 15 periods of weightlessness. In total, 21 flights were completed to shot the clip, that’s more than the yearly norm for astronaut training. The musicians stayed in a state of weightlessness close to 2 hours and 15 minutes. To get the effect of a single video, taken in one take, the film was shot continuously ; after each period of weightlessness, musicians and participants of the clip would stay in place, the music would stop and they would wait for the next state of zero gravity, in order to keep on filming from the same position.

  3. Yes, you can redeem AA miles for flights on S7. You can look up availability via Avios. S7 has proper business class intra-Europe.

  4. This video is already viral. It’s now up on the discover tab on instagram, with behind the scenes footage

  5. As other’s have commented, this is a video from the band OK GO—Ben, I guess you haven’t heard about them before?

    Surprisingly, they did not post it on their YouTube channel, but instead put it on Facebook ( It was loaded 12 hrs ago, and already has 14.6million views. Their great videos are legitimate art, so you can trust what they have said about the stunt.

  6. Having flown with Zero G on their own vomit comet I know that we did 15 cycles each of 30 seconds zero G, preceded by equal time of 2+G. This was a physically draining experience for only 7.5 minutes of weightlessness. I could not imagine doing the same for over 2 hours worth. I think something may have been lost in translation.

    But yes,the video looks genuine and for me it was extremely good fun to do.

  7. @Lucky this is a video from OK GO who are – without a doubt – the world’s best known “stunt music video” band. I guess you have never heard of them? Calling this “S7’s cool video” is a bit like calling another of OK GO’s their videos after the company which made the treadmills…

    You should check some of the others out – they’re great! This is the one that really saw them take off. 30 million views so far:

  8. 18 years ago I flew on NASA’s KC-135, better known as the Vomit Comet. Watching the video gave me chills remembering the 40 periods of microgravity I experienced.

  9. @Stuart – definitely a total classic that one, still love it

    @Lucky – yeah, OK Go do some pretty damn good videos, they’ve done quite a few sponsored ones, S7 are just the latest partner

  10. S7 actually owns the high-stress configured IL-76s for the reduced-g experience, which is the aircraft used in this video, for commercial paying customers. A good decision on their end to allow filming of this video for publicity.

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