Video: Students Break Out In Song On Ryanair Flight

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Nowadays most of the viral videos we see from onboard planes involve fights, confrontations, etc. That’s why I think this cute video is worth sharing.

There’s video online of something nice that actually happened on a Ryanair flight. Music students from St. Brendan’s College in Killarney were taking a Ryanair from London to Kerry when they decided to give the entire plane quite a performance, including singing, dancing, and even playing instruments.

We see this once in a while nowadays, where a video of people singing on a plane goes viral. However, this is one of the most well done ones I’ve seen in quite a while.

Here’s the video:

(Tip of the hat to @Youcanbenice2)

  1. And had this happened in the US they all would have been arrested and thrown in jail for “endangering” the flight…..*rolls eyes*

  2. Usually this would be obnoxious but as it’s a group of young professional-grade musicians on a flight to Ireland I’m inclined to allow it.

  3. Much as I appreciate Ryanair and all they’ve done for budget travel in Europe, my first thought was “How much extra did they pay to bring their instruments aboard”!

  4. @Jon. I guess you refer to those who harassed the innocent high school students…. If not, better update your “knowledge” of what actually happened. Even Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg admitted today they they were mightily wrong. If you want to see an intolerant person, look into the mirror mate. Oh and don’t bother to reply……

  5. Don’t think I’d want to have this for a long time on a flight, but a short performance by quality musicians is nice.

    @DanielB – guess you didn’t see the racist antics (fake “war dances”, “tomahawk chops”, etc) by the Kentucky students. It’s true that Philips’ approach to the students was wrong (and he’s said as much himself), but most of them weren’t innocent little victims either. There’s also video of several of them harassing a couple of women the same day.

  6. @Daniel B. , don’t care the incident itself.. but your last sentence was interesting, you were basically saying ” I cursed you but you should not talk back”, very trump-ish.

  7. I may be in a minority here, but this – as well as Peter’s video in the comments – looks very much obnoxious and quite inconsiderate of other passengers. Especially the ones who need peace and rest (sleeping, tired, with small irritable babies etc.). I wouldn’t want to be on either of those planes and I think I would ask the cabin crew to stop that if this went on for too long.
    And yes, I am fun at parties.

  8. Would you be as heartwarmed if talented young footballers were having a kickaround down the aisle of your flight? Both groups have appropriate practice/rehearsal venues, and an airplane is not that space.

  9. “I wouldn’t want to be on either of those planes and I think I would ask the cabin crew to stop that if this went on for too long.
    And yes, I am fun at parties.”

    +1 Ivan N. Sorry irrespective of the performers and performance I don’t want that when I’m trapped on a metal tube up in the air.

  10. Haha fantastic – esp loved it when two of them managed to start doing some dancing too in the narrow aisle!

  11. +1 Ivan N. This shouldn’t be allowed on an aircraft. Don’t often have anything positive to say about UA or AA but if other posters are confident they wouldn’t allow this sort of thing then three cheers for them. I would say remind me never to fly Ryanair but there isn’t much chance of that.

  12. I like that the cabin crew are filming them. Aren’t they supposed to be flogging lottery and bus tickets?

  13. Whilst it’s refreshing to see a group of travellers who are not drunk, foul-mouthed, violent or boisterously obnoxious, it is rather inconsiderate for anyone to presume that it’s acceptable to compel a plane full of passengers to be forced to endure such a performance.

  14. Just no.

    Please don’t force this sort of thing on other people. Which is what they are doing. I dont care how tallented they are just no.

    Crew shoukd put a stop to this sort of thing as well not join in.

  15. Understand some peoples’ objections but for us it was St Patricks Day weekend, the flight was very empty/majority made up of us as there was 100+ of our orchestra and staff traveling in economy. We only played for 15 mins and received no complaints whatsoever.

  16. I don’t get the hate comments. I could have listened to them for the entire flight. Much better than any IFE system.

  17. It’s not ‘hate’ to object to this sort of thing.

    ‘only 15 minutes’ also doesn’t make it right either.

    @David H – what if it wasn’t music you liked. Would you have been happy then? Probably not.

  18. Well, as it is Ryanair, I suppose all pax onboard were charged a £20 entertainmaint fee upon landing?
    Surely cant get a song for free on Ryanair?

  19. Listen I get on a plane and I see a bunch of plucky Irish kids playing great Celtic music in steerage class and I get the hell off that plane.

    I’ve seen Titanic. I know how this ends.

  20. I don’t see a displeased face anywhere among the passengers. I think bringing some joy and delight to a Ryanair flight experience should be applauded. I was extremely pleased to hear one of the great Sean McCarthy’s best tunes ‘Step it out Mary’ given a new lease of life by a very competent group of personable looking, professional sounding, young musicians and singers.

    Fair play to the lot of ’em, I say.

  21. to those commenters who can’t handle 15 minutes of irish music on a flight … best that you never travel to ireland !

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