In Case You Needed Another Reason Not To Fly Ryanair…

Check out this video of (what was supposed to be) a flight from London Stansted to Porto, Portugal:


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  1. Yes, Ryanair was the first airline to not let people get off the plane. The DOT created rules against that in the US just for fun.

  2. The only difference is that in the US probably the passengers would all be arrested and accused of terrorism for not following the crew instructions and calling the police.

  3. I agree with Miguel… I don’t aim to fly Ryanair, but this wouldn’t stop me any more then similar stories would prevent me from flying any US carrier.

    BTW, in my (extremely limited) experience the best reason not to fly Ryanair is competitive pricing from Aer Lingus.

  4. David, even if you watched the video, you would have the same question. No reason was really given to the passengers.

  5. I flew RyanAir in 1997 from London to Dublin. Upon landing the flight attendant said nobody was getting off the plane until the watch missing from Duty Free cart was given back by whoever stole it. She threatened that police would be called to search everyone. After few minutes the watch appeared in aisle.

    I had gone back to the galley inflight and drank a liter bottle of water while flight attendant was in lavatory not realizing I drank about five pounds of not complimentary water. I was not busted.

  6. Of course you have to be understanding of uncontrollable events but I can’t think of any worse place to be stranded than inside a Ryanair plane. I’m surprised they didn’t cash in and sell their stock of perfume. I get a headache just at the thought. The whole process feels like you’re being herded like cattle. I’ve vowed a number of times never to fly Ryanair and I think this time I’m sticking to it. But there’s always the lure… it really is hard to argue with £10 flights!

  7. Just another example of why airline regulation is needed. Its proof that companies look out for nothing other than their bottom line when the sh*t hits the fan. Good for the passengers who called the police, you bet I would have. I would have opened a door at 3 hours. Let them charge me with something.

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