Rumor: United to introduce one way Star Alliance awards very soon

As blogged about by Matthew over at Upgrd, it seems like many United reservations agents have suggested that one way Star Alliance awards will be bookable within the next couple of weeks. While this hasn’t officially been confirmed, I seem to be getting similar information, give or take a bit on the timeframe. As many may remember, United introduced one way awards on their own “metal” (flights operated by United) back in February.

I’m certainly dreading the introduction of one way awards on Star Alliance carriers. While almost everyone loves the flexibility of one way awards and the ability to mix and match cabins, the introduction of them undoubtedly means the death of the stopover. Currently United allows one stopover on most international awards, which I can’t imagine would be the case under the new system.

If you want to get in an award with a stopover, this might be a good time to make a speculative booking. Then again, there’s no guarantee that they wouldn’t switch to the new pricing scheme if you needed to make any changes on the reservation. It’s interesting that Continental doesn’t have any sort of one way award pricing yet, so when miles can freely be transferred between programs, which will probably be sometime next year, you might still be able to book an award with Continental that includes a stopover.

Again, this is all speculation (sort of)…

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  1. And not just a stopover via Continental but a stopover AND an open jaw. And no MPM restrictions. Or just about any routing rules. Want to go to Australia via Asia? UA = No, CO = Sure. Heck, Australia via EUROPE and Asia. Love Continental. Looking forward to moving those miles back and forth before the programs are actually merged!

  2. One-ways don’t necessarily have to mean no stopovers: AS allows a stopover on each one-way booking, so you can have two stopovers on a trip! Of course, that stopover is very likely to be in SEA, so you’d better *really* like to visit SEA…

  3. Alright!! I’ve been holding my 75k UA miles, waiting for one-way awards on partners. Hope it happens as rumored!

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