Rossiya’s Cool & Surprising New Safety Video

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Rossiya is a Russian airline that is an Aeroflot subsidiary. It operates a fleet of over 60 aircraft on both short-haul and long haul routes. Well, the carrier’s new safety video has just been unofficially revealed — Rossiya hasn’t directly promoted the video yet, but it’s pretty clear that the airline is behind it.

Check out Rossiya’s new safety video here:

While I don’t speak Russian, the video still reminds me a whole lot of Virgin America’s safety video from back in the day:

For that matter, it’s just generally very different than previous Russian safety videos we’ve seen. For example, take this Aeroflot safety video, which starts with flight attendants gently caressing their necks, and that’s followed by quite some chemistry between passengers and crew during boarding:

What do you make of Rossiya’s new safety video?

(Tip of the hat to Denis)

  1. Yeah, they just blatantly stole elements from VX’s video. From the bare warehouse studio, the lighted center aisle, window cutouts, and signage on an iPad. Not to mention the shot-by-shot duplications (tracking shot opening with the rolling luggage, overhead shot of turning phones off). Creative, yes. Original – no.

  2. Since you love Russia so much… Go there, make out with you husband in public and enjoy a lovely stay at a Gulag for a few years… a must review for sure

  3. Overall, I think its a cool video. But has some strange things. One thing that jumps at me (apart from the mishmash of musical styles) is that they frequently change the plural (formal and polite) and the singular (rude and inappropriate in this context) forms of “you” and the corresponding verbs In Russian. It sounds quite coarse, especially when giving commands. In German it would be like using “du” und “Sie” interchangeably — I’m not a native German speaker but I doubt it would happen in a Lufthansa (or Austrian) safety video (“Du setzt dich hin und hältst den Sicherheitsgurt geschlossen!”).

  4. Reminds me of “Conkordski” when Russia made a bad ripoff of Concorde. Blatant plageurism of Virgin America down to very specific elements.

  5. I thought it was pretty damn funny, but that’s just my sense of humor. Thanks for the good laugh, Ben. Yep, it was definitely copied on the VX advert, but a good job as Ptahcha said.

  6. The problem with safety videos like this is they get extremely irritating after you’ve seen then 3 or 4 times. The song videos also are pretty long.

    I get it. They want to make them entertaining so that the passengers will hopefully watch and pay attention. But these song ones in particular can be irritating after awhile.

  7. That is BLATANT plagiarism (and not even good) no matter whether you speak Russian or not. Pathetic!

  8. @Rafael great thinking , I also want him to do the same in Qatar or in the south of Turkey ,, lets how that would go lol

  9. I am not sure why someone said the Russian is not correct – it’s completely correct. Maybe they were referring to speaking with a ‘rude’ you to the boy but that’s standard Russian. Kids don’t get the formal/polite address as a general rule. However, this video is horribly irritating and grating. From a safety perspective, they also rearranged quite a bit of the standard instructions to fit them into a song and, as a result, many directions are not very clear. Overall, a (plagiarized) swing and a miss!

  10. @Gregg – Totally agree; the Virgin video got SO annoying after a few times. I even talked to a flight attendant one told me she sometimes put in ear plugs during the video to try and block it out a little bit, lol.

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