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Full disclosure: This stay was in conjunction with a trip to the US Open (which I’ll cover in my next post) courtesy of the Starwood American Express. They covered the cost of my flights to New York, my two night stay at the Westin Times Square, and tickets to the US Open. That being said, all opinions expressed are my own.

While this hotel is called the Westin Times Square, fortunately it’s located a couple of blocks from the “heart” of Times Square, which is a good thing if you ask me (it means I have to look at fewer naked cowboys, grown men dressed in Elmo suits, etc.).

Hotel entrance

The ground floor actually had a US Open theme with a “fake” tennis court.

Ground floor

The lobby is located up the escalators and is spacious and quiet.


There was no queue at check-in, and the agent helping us was friendly. We were booked in a premium deluxe two double bed room, and I asked about the chance of an upgrade, though the agent said they were sold out that night and had nothing available. The website showed no suites available, so that’s exactly what I expected.

Our room was a decent size and located on a high floor. It featured double Westin Heavenly Beds, a desk with chair, flat screen TV, and a chair by the window.




The room also had a nice view of the city and Hudson River in the background.

Nice view of the Hudson River

The bathroom was small but functional, with Westin branded amenities.


The shower had great water pressure, temperature control, and was easy to use. Sadly enough this was my first hotel stay in weeks where that was the case.


I used the gym twice during my stay, and it was really nice. The equipment was modern, but more than anything else I loved the views of the city. New York has an amazing skyline, so a gym with a view is always a plus.


I had selected breakfast as the Platinum amenity, which could be had at Bar 10. They have a selection of juices, coffee, croissants, muffins, yogurt, fruit, etc. While it’s not a restaurant breakfast, it was nice to be able to choose something as opposed to being told what to have. It’s worth noting that this hotel used to have a club lounge, but it closed earlier in the year.

Bar 10 spread

Bar 10

While this obviously doesn’t compare to the St. Regis, it offers everything you’d expect from a Westin in the city — comfortable rooms with great beds, good service, and a simple design (I mean that in a good way, as you guys know). The rates at this hotel are often quite reasonable, sometimes even in the ~$200 range, in which case this hotel is a bargain. I’m not a fan of the location near Times Square, though if the price is right it’s a hotel I’d consider in the future.

  1. I completely agree. I just got done with a stay there and appreciated being a few blocks from the true Times Square madness. I was disappointed in the Club Lounge closing, though. It had a very decent spread during my stay in December.

  2. Nice review, you captured the essence pretty well.

    As a frequent stayer at this hotel, I’ll add a few things:

    1) Gym will be moving to the 8th floor,where the lounge used to be
    2) Only six true suites, many junior suites.
    3) Three of the six suites are studios, ie, no door internally and a murphy (non-heavenly) bed
    4) There has been a decline in in room amenities provided (tiny water bottles)
    5) Service can be spotty, although as a frequent stayer, I get good treatment

    I can never find this hotel for around $200, I usually find it over $300 and had to move a business trip from May to August to get it under $400 (before tax). Are you using a 3rd party site that is cheaper than

    Maybe you are looking at non-refundable or saturday night stays? I pulled a date out of the air that I thought isn’t too busy in nyc (1/15) and it’s $399 (although non-refundable the prior saturday night was $249 or so). 2/4 it drops to $299 for a one night stay, $339 for a two night stay.

  3. What i really disliked about this property is the frosted glass pocket door on the bathroom. The door is directly infront of the toilet so when you are sitting on the toilet anyone else in the room has a lit shadow of you doing your business. For some people that is not an issue, but just be aware of the problem. Also I did not like the stainless steel prison like sink and toilet set up. No shelf to put personal items like a shaving kit. I would not stay there again.

  4. I was staying the exact same time period (for the US Open) and I booked the exact same room (Premium Deluxe Double). The view even looked exactly the same. Could it be the same room?

    It could have, until you said the shower pressure was excellent. Now I have doubts that my room was even on the same city block šŸ˜‰

    The shower pressure in my room was pretty bad (probably not even measurable in psi). The rest of the stay was pleasant, though.

    How did you get to the US Open, Ben?

  5. I stayed on the spa floor; the rooms all had excellent massage chairs. A nice amenity!!

    A couple of years ago I received promo EMAILs advertising rates under $200 during very slow periods (selected days in Dec/Jan). Not sure what is currently being offered.

  6. I’ll never stay at the Marriott Marquis – when there was the blackout in NYC 7 years or so ago, they had no backup generator and had to turn out all their guests – gave them pillows and sheets and they slept on the street. I kid you not, I was at the Westin TS at the time.

    Law is if you can’t have any lighting whatsoever in a hotel, you can’t have guests – as fire would be catastrophic.

  7. When did you stay there? I was there Monday night in 3602. Glad to see a fellow Tampanian enjoying the big city šŸ™‚

  8. @ beachfan — For Monday night of Labor Day weekend the rate was $199, which was the first date I pulled up (since I considered staying there originally instead of the W Times Square). Sounds like that’s not the normal rate, though!

    @ Murphy — Interesting. I was there Tuesday through Thursday. Maybe it was the same room (other than the water pressure)? I took the subway from Times Square to the US Open, as there’s “direct” service.

    @ hangingchad — Sounds like I missed you by a day. Too bad!

  9. @ Lucky – I was there Sat and Sun night. If you think Times Sq was bad Mon-Thurs, you should have seen it on the weekend! šŸ˜‰

    Monday night I stayed in Chelsea, which was a bit more pleasant. It’s also closer to Penn, so I took LIRR over to the Open that night (also a bit more pleasant and quicker than the Subway from Times Sq).

    A pretty enjoyable weekend overall.

  10. Oh, and Monday night was super cheap pretty much everywhere in NYC. The Doubletree in Chelsea was $87 (AAA rate).

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