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This past weekend I had a quick overnight at Miami Airport, and was just looking for the most convenient Starwood or Hyatt property to stay at. I don’t know what it is, but I’ve always found Miami Airport hotels to be ridiculously expensive, consistently over $200 per night. That includes the Sheraton, Element, Hyatt Place, and Hyatt House. Not sure why that is. They’re airport hotels so surely these aren’t being filled with people spending $200+ per night… right?

In the end I somewhat reluctantly redeemed points for the Sheraton Miami Airport, which is a Category 3 property, making a free night redemption 7,000 Starpoints per night.

Sheraton Miami Airport rate options

I arrived at Miami Airport late in the afternoon, and headed to the arrivals area, where the shuttle picked me up within 10 minutes. The driver was courteous and the drive to the hotel was really short, a few minutes at most. I believe this is the closest hotel to the airport.

The lobby is pretty typical of a Sheraton. I quickly found the reception desk on the left upon entering, and got in the dedicated SPG line.

Sheraton Miami Airport lobby

Sheraton Miami Airport lobby

Sheraton Miami Airport lobby

The agent that checked me in was friendly and familiarized me with the hotel and reminded me of SPG Platinum benefits, including that I’d receive free internet and club lounge access. She asked if I would need 4PM late check-out (I didn’t), and also offered me my choice of Platinum amenities (I chose the 500 Starpoints over the local gift).

I was assigned a Club King room on the ninth floor, room 924.

I headed towards the elevators, and it sure seemed like the hotel doesn’t have enough. The hotel has over 400 rooms and only three elevators, so wait times were consistently long.

Once I made it to the ninth floor I turned right and headed towards my room, which was about halfway down the hall.

Sheraton Miami Airport ninth floor hallway

Entrance to my door, Sheraton Miami Airport

Floorplan, Sheraton Miami Airport

This was a US Sheraton, so truthfully there’s not all that much to report in terms of the room. It was a good size and featured all the standard Sheraton appointments.

Club King room entrance, Sheraton Miami Airport

There was a king size Sheraton Sweet Sleeper bed.

Club King room, Sheraton Miami Airport

Club King room, Sheraton Miami Airport

A flat screen TV facing the bed, which swiveled.

Club King room, Sheraton Miami Airport

A desk with office chair near the window.

Club King room desk, Sheraton Miami Airport

And a random chair on the side of the bed closest to the bathroom.

Club King room chair, Sheraton Miami Airport

The room boasted nice views of a nearby golf course, which was under the approach course for Miami Airport.

Golf course view from room, Sheraton Miami Airport

The bathroom featured a sink with low environmentally friendly water pressure, a toilet, and a shower.

Bathroom, Sheraton Miami Airport

Bathroom, Sheraton Miami Airport

Shower, Sheraton Miami Airport

Toiletries, Sheraton Miami Airport

The club lounge was located on the 10th floor. It was fairly large for an airport hotel, and featured tables, bar seating, and couches. I appreciated that the club lounge could be accessed using a key 24 hours per day, so you could up something to drink any hour of the day or night.

Club Lounge entrance, Sheraton Miami Airport

Club Lounge, Sheraton Miami Airport

Club Lounge, Sheraton Miami Airport

Club Lounge, Sheraton Miami Airport

Club Lounge, Sheraton Miami Airport

Club Lounge, Sheraton Miami Airport

There was an evening snack spread in the club lounge from 6PM till 8:30PM. I mean, US club lounge spreads usually leave a lot to be desired, and this was no exception. Though it was actually better than some evening spreads I’ve seen at Sheratons. There were cheese cubes, pasta salad, veggies, cookies, and two hot options.

Club Lounge evening spread, Sheraton Miami Airport

Club Lounge evening spread, Sheraton Miami Airport

Club Lounge evening spread, Sheraton Miami Airport

The two hot options were pot-stickers and “fancy lasagna” (which is how the guy sitting next to me in the club lounge described it to his girlfriend on the phone).

Club Lounge evening spread, Sheraton Miami Airport

Club Lounge evening spread, Sheraton Miami Airport

Breakfast was served in the club lounge from 6:30AM till 9:30AM, and was exclusively continental. It consisted of fruit (both whole and cut), bagels, toast, muffins, danishes, hard-boiled eggs, cereal, and juice.

Club Lounge breakfast spread, Sheraton Miami Airport

Club Lounge breakfast spread, Sheraton Miami Airport

Club Lounge breakfast spread, Sheraton Miami Airport

Club Lounge breakfast spread, Sheraton Miami Airport

Club Lounge breakfast spread, Sheraton Miami Airport

Quick tip: the lattes from the coffee machine were actually quite good, while the cappuccino was more or less undrinkable.

Club Lounge breakfast spread, Sheraton Miami Airport

The hotel also had a gym on the first floor, which had a good selection of equipment.

Gym, Sheraton Miami Airport

In terms of other random observations, I appreciated that the wifi speed was fairly good.

I didn’t, however, appreciate the lack of sound insulation and paper thin walls in the room. While the Sheraton Sweet Sleeper is among my favorite hotel beds and usually ensures a great night of sleep, unfortunately I couldn’t fall asleep. And from the sounds of it, neither could the people in the room next to mine.

To quote Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory:

Sheldon: I am aware of the way humans usually reproduce which is messy, unsanitary and based on living next to you for three years, involves loud and unnecessary appeals to a deity.
Penny: Oh, God.
Sheldon: Yes, exactly.

Sums it up, I think…

Anyway, all things considered I had a fairly nice stay. The room was nice enough, I appreciated that the club lounge was 24/7, and the shuttle was prompt in both directions. I do wish Miami Airport hotels would be more reasonably priced, but it’s not like the Sheraton is priced higher than the competition, really.

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  1. Nice report. You mention that you thought the Sheraton is the closest hotel to the airport. There’s actually a hotel IN the airport, the Miami Int Airport Hotel. Rooms look almost identical to the Sheraton and it’s right across from Terminal E. Still overpriced, but very convenient. Using Flagship Check-In we made it from the room to the (non-flagship) lounge in about 15 minutes last month.

  2. I travel to MIA very frequently and always go to the SPG ELEMENT hotel which is fairly near this Sheraton and also near MIA. Its far better than this old hotel which used to be a Wyndham and turned into a Sheraton years ago. The price is the same (even for spg points) and its a brand new hotel.

    kudos for the club lounge and clean room. excellent review lucky… as always.

  3. Next time ask for one of the split level rooms with large dining room/table. You know, just in case you need to sit seven people and slide down the spiral staircase for fun.

  4. Twas a Cat 2 (as was the Element) until a year ago. Another great airport hotel value killed by devaluations….

  5. Wonderful door pictures…you got both front & back of your room door and a picture of the Club door. As a door fan, I am very thankful.

  6. Odd way that they have the desk protruding out. Make for an uncomfortable walk around if you are sleeping on the right side of the bed.

    No pictures of the pool? You are in Miami after all!

  7. If you couldn’t sleep, and you had only carry-on, why you didn’t request a change of rooms?

    I had an overnight once and I slept very well on the 4th floor.

  8. That’s a lot of pictures.

    All Miami hotels are cash cows because of the Latin American market. Brasil, Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico amongst the biggest offenders. You know MIA is the biggest gateway to South America.

    Plus, there’s always something going on everywhere. It’s pretty ridiculous. Even freaking Doral, Fl hotels are reaching +200$. New properties opening every month.

    Speaking of SPG hotels in South Florida, from Miami Beach to the Westin Diplomat, the SPG cheapest options are usually in “deep” Fort Lauderdale. Bunch of Cat 2-3 hotels with often C&P availability. Even adding $50 for the rental +gas make it worth the ~40min drive from MIA Airport.

    But the regular visitors to Miami (the actual metro area, not just Bayside and Miami Beach)….we are used to it.

  9. To me the biggest negative of this property is that it is completely hemmed in by freeways and there is absolutely nothing that is within walking distance. They provide a free shuttle service to nearby restaurants but the vans are so busy shuttling passengers back and forth to the airport that diners are a low priority. For a layover I much prefer the Crowne Plaza, which had several decent restaurants within a short walk and is just as close to the terminal.

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