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Link: PlugBug World iPad/iPhone Charger

Even though I work exclusively online, I’m pretty technologically incompetent. So while my technology setup sometimes isn’t great, I’m always looking for the latest accessory that makes my travel life easier by simplifying it and reducing what I have to carry with me. One of my biggest hotel pet peeves is when rooms either don’t have enough adapters or don’t have them conveniently placed. Frankly it amazes me how often that’s the case, even at newly built hotels.

One accessory I recently came across — which is super helpful regardless of whether you’re traveling abroad or not — is the PlugBug Charger. It’s basically an attachment that latches onto your MacBook Air charger and creates a dual charger, so that you can charge your MacBook Air and iPad/iPhone at the same time. There are two versions:

The difference between the two is that the world charger (the first one above) comes with five snap-on international plugs, which have you covered for Europe, Asia, Australia, etc. The US one, on the other hand, just has a standard US plug.

Anyway, this makes my travel life much easier. Previously I had a separate international adapter I’d have to plug my MacBook Air charger in, and then I’d still only be able to charge one device at a time (or I could plug my iPhone into my MacBook Air, but then both just charge slower).

I just snap the PlugBug on my MacBook Air charger all the time, since I find it useful regardless of whether I’m traveling abroad or not. I’m always in places where outlets are limited (airports, lounges, hotels, etc.), and the PlugBug helps.

Here are just a few pictures I took of my PlugBug:

PlugBug Charger packaging

PlugBug charger with five snap-on international plugs

PlugBug charger snapped onto my MacBook Air charger

Anyway, if anyone else has a MacBook Air and iPhone/iPad, I highly recommend this.

Anyone else have a similar charger, or have another travel accessory that makes their travel life easier?

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  1. That looks pretty good. My one issue with that would be, for $40, couldn’t they have gone with 2 or 3 USB ports?

  2. You can also get “slim” laptop travel adapters that are somewhat similar. They have adapter tips for lots of different computer brands so they are “universal” and include a USB port to charge your phone or tablet.

    But you’d also need a separate plug adapter for traveling abroad.

  3. @RakSiam, the adapters you mention can be very useful for people who have non-Apple laptops. Unfortunately, Apple won’t allow any MagSafe connectors from third parties, so Macbooks of all shape and size are forced to use only Apple first-party adapters.

    I agree with Ed that 2 or 3 USB ports would be better, and shouldn’t be a problem, given the size of the device.

    There are some nice looking world plug adapters that now have 2 USB ports, but I have pretty much only been traveling with NA and EU, so I haven’t tried any of them–the basic 2-prong US-EU adapters work fine for me.

  4. I use the Lifetrons travel adapter, which include 2 USB chargers. This is the best travel adapter that I have used. Bought it on a Thai Airways flight (Eva also has this, with their logo not he adapter).

    I also carry the Lifetrons multi-tool adapter since I carry way too many gadgets with me. I can use this to charge my iPhone/iPad as this has a lightening plug, and also my Bose headset and speakers.

  5. @Jon, also from a security perspective most IT departments would say never plug your device into a USB port that you do not control. It is relativly easy to install malware or a virus on a phone through a USB connection. My IT department has a strict rule of only charging phones through power outlets.

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