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Back in November I made a post mentioning that I was considering staying at a non-chain hotel for the first time in forever. I was specifically referring to Seattle. I’m very loyal to InterContinental, but they don’t have a hotel in Seattle. The other Priority Club options were a Crowne Plaza and Holiday Inn. The Holiday Inn didn’t look very good and the Crowne Plaza seemed overpriced to me. So I mentioned a few hotels I was considering, such as Hotel 1000 and the Pan Pacific based on reviews I had read and the rates they offered.

While the trip to Seattle as such never materialized, I did have a mileage run planned there for last weekend, and instead of staying near the airport I decided to venture into the city. I had a morning to do some sightseeing and I figured with the new light rail system that costs just $2.50 from SeaTac to the city there was nothing to lose (as opposed to the public transportation in San Francisco, which costs you more than lunch at Starbucks).

Anyway, in the interest of full disclosure I had made a reservation through Hotel 1000’s Social Media and Promotions Manager and received a special rate of $139. It’s worth noting that this wasn’t that much less than the American Express Fine Hotels & Resorts rate of $179 (which I qualify for since I have an American Express Platinum card), which would have included breakfast, a welcome gift, 4PM check-out, and a room upgrade. Anyway, let’s fast forward to the actual stay.

I arrived at the hotel at around 10PM and was promptly checked in by the friendly agent. I realized beforehand the hotel was on the small side, but the lobby really made it feel like a boutique hotel. It was modern and dimly lit, basically a smaller version of a “W” hotel minus the bad attitude.



Seating area to the side of the lobby

Hotel exterior

Hotel entrance

My room was on the fifth floor, and as soon as I got into the elevator I realized that was the lowest floor with rooms. That was a bit disappointing since I was looking forward to the great views the hotel boasts given its location, although the suite I received made up for it.


I was assigned suite 507, which was located behind a separate entrance door which housed two suites; the suite was huge. Upon entering was a hallway with the bathroom located right by the entrance. To the left was the bedroom while the living room was to the right.


Floor layout (to show the size of the suite compared to standard rooms)

The bedroom was spacious and modern, with a king sized bed, large flat screen TV mounted on the wall, vanity mirror, and big closet.


TV, closet, and vanity mirror

There’s only a glass “window” separating the bedroom and bathroom, although there is a privacy screen which can be put down if desired. The bathroom featured a huge bathtub, nice sink area, huge shower with two shower heads, and separate toilet area. The bathroom amenities were all Molton Brown, and the shampoo, conditioner, and body wash was all in large dispensers in the shower.

Looking into the bathroom from the bedroom

Looking into the bedroom from the bathroom

Sink and shower

Shower to the left and toilet to the right

Molton Brown bath products


The living room featured a large dining room table with six chairs, large sofa with two more chairs, and flat screen TV. Both TVs had “Moodz” channels, whereby you can listen to natural environments in 30 minute intervals. Other than the waterfall, which sounded more like static, it was surprisingly relaxing! I wish more hotels would offer something similar.

Unfortunately the views from the room were non-existent. Actually, the room faced another building which was maybe 20 feet away, so it was near impossible to see anything. That was a bit disappointing, and I would have probably preferred a normal room with a view over a suite with no view. My only other gripe would be that lighting was somewhat limited and there weren’t any windows other than the ones on the far end of the living room, meaning the suite stayed pretty dark.

Living room

The hotel has a nice 24 hour gym. The treadmills all have mini-TV screens and were the same machines they have at the InterContinental London. There was also bottled water for free, surprisingly enough the same stuff they charge an arm and a leg for in the in-room minibar. 😉



No doubt my stay was far too short. Would I return? If the rate were right, absolutely, even without hotel status perks. It’s worth noting that Hotel 1000 does offer guests 500 Alaska miles, for those of you addicted to miles/points like me.

I loved the interior of the hotel. It was modern without being bare, “hip” without being stuffy or attitude-filled (hello “W” hotels!), and the suite was very well appointed. If I stayed again I’d hope for a room with a view, even if it means a standard room vs. the very nice suite I received.

Either way I’d recommend this hotel if the price is right. They have their stuff together and I wouldn’t hesitate to return.

  1. speaking of Ws, The W Seattle is actually quite nice. I stayed there 2 summers ago and really liked it

  2. Nice… I had dinner at Boka on Wednesday and we go there fairly often for lunch. Always wondered what the hotel was like.

    For what it’s worth, the higher floors are actually residences.

  3. Nice for $139, but couldn’t you do better on Priceline or Hotwire?

    Also, the $40 difference a fair amount of money.

  4. Sorry to hear you’ve had such bad experiences with Ws, Lucky – which W was it that really turned you off on the brand?

  5. I’ve had terrific experiences at W hotels with their staff. Sorry that you have not. 🙁

    Honestly, I cringe whenever I see all these trip reports from Holiday Inns and Intercontinental hotels in some of these cities that have far more interesting hotel properties than the ones you stay at. I am mostly loyal to Starwood properties mainly because they offer such a wide variety of top-notch properties in many cities but I’ll always choose a highly recommended hotel over any chain – Starwood included – if it’s by far and away the better experience for similar $$.

    You need to branch out Lucky! 🙂 Look at what you are missing!

  6. I second Ace’s question: which W left you so psychologically scarred? I’ve had multi-day stays at W Seattle (last fall) and W New York-Union Square without encountering any obnoxious hipster ‘tude (and that even though I am probably older than their target clientele, and decidedly less hip).

  7. Why didn’t you call the reception and ask for a room with a view?

    Re public transportation in San Francisco, not sure what Muni charges for intrra-city trips,, but Samtrans KX express bus from SFO to SF should be $4.50. I pay $1.75 to SFO from the peninsula. Can’t beat that.

  8. But lucky, there was a HI on point breaks! ::gasp::


    Sounds like a great stay and worth the money–thanks for the report.

  9. Assuming you got the suite through your contact with the hotel, in the future would you consider doing a mini-report on a ‘standard’ room at hotels like this, where you stay in an above-average room? (Some simple picks of a low-end room would suffice.) I’d be reluctant to stay at this hotel based on your report because (a) I have no idea what the room I’d actually get looks like and (b) I don’t know what rate I’d pay for the room you stayed in. (The only room listed as a “suite” on the hotel web site goes for $279 for a weekend night in February.)

  10. W Seattle was pretty good but has gotten pretty dated. Not as bad as W San Diego (I wouldn’t want to stay there, other than in the Extreme Wow suite I had in June). But there are some really stellar W properties, Hong Kong and Seoul come to mind. No attitude either.

    But back to this post. Question — the bath amentieis — are those full sized bottles? More importantly, are they not removable? That is, does the hotel just re-fill the existing bottles for each guest?? Or am I misreading the photo? Love full-sized bath amenities, but not ones that I share with other guests! (Props to W Hong kong for this, also the Phoenician.)

  11. I’ve only been in 2 W’s – Chicago and New York – and both with rife with attitude and, according to colleagues, women of negotiable affection, let’s call it… 😉

  12. Great trip report, Lucky, thanks. My folks live in Seattle, so I’ll have to check out this hotel some time. Have not stayed in the W Seattle, but have heard good and bad about that property. My experiences at Ws in general have been pretty positive, I’d give them a B, B+, so I would be interested in which W property gives you such negative vibes/comments.

  13. @ Dan — Perhaps I could have done better, but I really wanted to try out this hotel so I figured it was worth it. $40 is quite a bit, but a reasonable value for breakfast for two, a welcome gift, late checkout, and a room upgrade.

    @ Ryan — Haha, it sure does. There’s only so many direct turns I can do before I go crazy. So I figured I might as well have a bit of fun with it.

    @ Ace — The W San Francisco. I just didn’t feel all that comfortable there…. I might give them another try eventually, but I’m just not “hip.”

    @ TonySCV — I think you’re right in general, but there’s so also a lot of value to me with staying at my preferred brand. For example, as a Royal Ambassador I get GUARANTEED 8AM check-in (*huge* benefit when arriving in Europe) and 4PM check-out, and usually a suite upgrade, free internet, club access, etc. All those benefits save me a lot of money. As you know I’m also a miles/points whore, which is a disease I can’t fight….

    @ Oliver — I arrived late at night so wasn’t going to complain. Again, the room was fantastic, so I was very happy….

    @ FBKSan — I absolutely would, and I wasn’t expecting a suite. When I checked in I was assigned the room thinking it was maybe a room with a view, but I had no clue it was going to be a suite. But I agree with you and would definitely ask for a more “normal” room in the future for review purposes.

    @ Gary — Those ARE full sized bottles but it appears to me that they refill them after each stay.

    @ gobluetwo — ROFL!

  14. FBKSan-We have many different room types to choose from ranging in size from 390-1470 sq ft. I would be happy to send you information or you may call me anytime with questions. Or you can contact our reservation agents who can help you get the best available rate. (206.957.1000)

    Jamie Jacobsen
    Social Media and Promotions Manager
    D 206.357.9537
    F 206.357.9457
    E [email protected]

  15. Thanks for sharing. Great pictures and overview of the hotel. Have you stayed outside of the city or seen the beautiful hotels Lynnwood WA has to offer?

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