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After a visit to The American Express Centurion Lounge at Las Vegas Airport, I couldn’t help but quickly drop into the Priority Pass lounge located across the concourse, another club I could visit thanks to a credit card with lounge access.

It’s called The Club at Las Vegas Airport, and is located in Terminal 1, Concourse D. It’s open daily from 6AM till 2AM.

This is part of The Club network of independent lounges — they have five lounges around the country, in Atlanta, Dallas, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and San Jose.

Much like with The Centurion Lounge, you first have to clear security and take the train to the D Concourse.

Las Vegas Airport train

After you take the train, take the escalator up to the main level.

Las Vegas Airport D Concourse

Then on the left side you’ll see signage for The Club at LAS.

Las Vegas Airport Terminal

The Club At LAS Airport Signage

There’s a single glass door entrance to the lounge.

The Club At LAS Airport Entrance

On the door is signage indicating The Club’s partnership with Lounge Club, Priority Pass, Diners Club, and Hawaiian Airlines.

The Club At LAS Airport Signage

At the entrance my Priority Pass card was swiped and I was quickly admitted. It’s worth noting that this lounge also sells day passes for $35.

Coming from The Centurion Lounge, this was of course a huge let down. The lounge was small, with only a handful of seating areas in the main room.

The Club At LAS Airport Seating

The Club At LAS Airport Seating

There was a small snack bar consisting of packaged cookies, pretzels, and trail mix.

The Club At LAS Airport Snacks

Then there was some coffee and hot water in canisters, along with tea and creamer.

The Club At LAS Airport Coffee

Across from the seating was the bar. Drinks are complimentary in the lounge, and for a contract lounge they actually have a fairly decent alcohol selection.

The Club At LAS Airport Bar

The Club At LAS Airport Bar

On the bar are some packaged crackers and hummus. I’m not sure who decided cheese crackers and hummus were a good combo…

The Club At LAS Airport Bar Snacks

Then by the windows were some packaged chips and fresh fruit.

The Club At LAS Airport Snacks

Past the bar and to the left was a walkway to the second room of the lounge.

The Club At LAS Airport

It featured a bunch of bar seating overlooking the concourse, as well as a few more sets of lounge chairs.

The Club At LAS Airport Seating

The Club At LAS Airport Seating

The Club At LAS Airport Seating

In the corner was a single PC and printer.

The Club At LAS Airport PC & Printer

The lounge boasted interior tarmac views.

The Club At LAS Airport View

The Club at LAS Airport Bottom Line


  1. Didn’t check the one out at the E gates, eh? Doubt it’s any better.

    At least the Cent Lounge is up and running – which is a welcome addition in arriving or departing LAS.

  2. Next time you need to review the Club in E. It’s bizarre, but night and day difference from the one in D. Usually has sandwiches, 2 soups, all kinds of finger foods. I guess since the one in E is the only one handling all the international passengers that’s why it has the upgraded selections. The one in D is tiny and lacks food, but the view is great.

  3. Probably shoud’ve checked out The Club before the Centurion Lounge!

    Seriously though, from your pictures it looks clean and not too crowded. If you don’t have access to the Centurion Lounge, this looks like a decent option.

  4. ha that clubs has gone downhill. I remember last year they had sandwiches, 2 soups, better alcohol for sure and at least 2 salads… oh well, at least this club beats any of the legacy clubs around the country…

  5. Decent small cramped club with non working pc and printer
    and spotty wifi
    Nobody cares either!
    Last Resort if the Amex club is to busy which can happen

  6. Amex lounge is certainly worth $15 extra but at least this Club is open most of the day. The hours for The Club at PHX are ridiculously short (serve as BA lounge 3:30-7:30 pm) and I couldn’t get in during early afternoon when got stuck because my first flight was delayed.

  7. Yes, The Club in Terminal 3 is totally different. It is opposite gate 2 and worth taking the train to get there if you need to hang for awhile. In addition to a large selection of food, it also has showers, some private rooms for working and a nice big bar.

  8. Having a little extra time for my flight, I went to both The Club locations at LAS. The one in Terminal 1 (D-Gates) was very small, but very quiet. Not much in the way of snacks, but the bar serves mid-level booze like Absolut, Jim Beam, Glenlivet, etc. I was the only customer for the 30 minutes or so I was there.

    I used the tram to go to Terminal 3 (E-Gates) and the club there was totally different. Not full, but definitely busier, and I would guess nearly 5-6 times bigger than the one in Terminal 1. They were serving lunch with various sandwiches, salads, and soup. Full bar and lots of snacks too. If you have the time to get there, this is the one to go to.

  9. Has anyone used this lounge when they arrive but don’t have a connecting flight? I’ve been to the one at ATL (same brand) and they asked for my boarding pass and they scanned it. I have a Priority Pass Select membership from my Citi Prestige card. I will only have my carry-on so when I land, I don’t need to go past security and with the tram/train I’ll easily be able to get to the lounge. I’ll be staying in Vegas for 2 days so perhaps I can give them my Chicago boarding pass (where I departed) and let them know I fly out in 2 days. My guess is they want the money so why deny me. I called Priority Pass and they couldn’t give me a straight answer and nothing states on their webpage this LAS lounge requires an onward ticket. I guess I’ll try and find out 🙂 I have some time to kill before hotel checkin.

  10. Just left the club in dfw. Much disappointed. It had less snack selection than the club las.
    Looked like the only big draw to it was free wine and beer

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