Request Missing IHG Priceless Surprises Plays NOW!

I’ve written quite a bit about the IHG Priceless Surprises promotion that ran from mid-November to mid-February. I even visited the headquarters of the fulfillment company, Hello World, while I was in Michigan for Christmas. This is the promotion where you were supposed to receive a play of the instant win game — or “elevator game” — after staying at an IHG property, but you could also request a free game piece by scribbling a bunch of information on an index card and mailing it in.

You could request up to 94 game pieces per account, which admittedly was quite a bit of writing. But for whatever the reason, many folks never received all of their game pieces. I coerced my mother into writing out 564 index cards managed the submission process for six of us here at Team OMAAT, and between us we only received 87.8% of our expected game pieces.

I presented our results last week showing that we averaged over 50,000 points per person, even without the missing pieces. Well, several readers advised me to email Hello World to request the missing game plays.

So I did.

Requesting The Missing Game Pieces

I used the Contact Us form on the Hello World website. I selected Customer Care and Assistance Entering a Code from the drop-down menus.

Hello World contact us form
Hello World contact form

Then I put the following brief message in the comment box.


I mailed in 94 entries to the Priceless Surprises promotion. Unfortunately, I have only received X of them so far. I would like to request that I be credited with the missing game pieces.


IHG Number

I received an automated email saying that they’d look into the matter as well as case number for the request.

hello world auto response
Automated response from Hello World

Then about two days later I received an email stating that I had been credited with the missing game pieces, followed by the typical barrage of emails telling me I had qualified for a Priceless Surprise.

IHG game pieces recieved after email
Team OMAAT game plays received with my 23 missing pieces in green

Of course, I headed right over for one (or 23) last rides on the damn elevator where my missing game pieces turned in to 11,500 points.

IHG points won after email
Yay! Now I’m in first place. Sorry Mom.

I also sent in a request for my Mom’s missing game pieces. And advised Tiffany to do the same. Those requests are still pending.

I think you could probably email Hello World directly at

Bottom Line

Technically the promotion ends on March 15th, which is of course tomorrow. Nobody knows if the elevator will permanently go out of service on that date, or if they’ll make an extension.

But either way, my suggestion is that if you are missing some game pieces, send off an email today.


  1. Same experience here. Sent in 94 entries, never received anything. Wife sent in 94 entries, got 84 emails. I wrote in and after about a week got all 94 game plays; we’re still waiting on her final 10.

  2. 2 batches sent – got 49 of 50 on first batch and 39 of 44 on second batch. Just emailed about the 6 missing entries. FYI no emails received on 2nd batch – just logged in and they were there

  3. I had to do the same thing a couple weeks ago. First, they said that they had only received a total of 70 entries. I documented everything I did. How many entries I mailed, and the day I mailed them. I conveyed this to Hello World and they promptly credited us with the remaining entries.

  4. I sent in 94 entries and received no emails. I have emailed Hello World about 5 times. All I get are their “we will reply within 3 business days” email. What can I do?

  5. Amy – I would call IHG Customer Service.

    In January I sent in 94 for my husband (all received) and 94 for me, just 24 received. I emailed Hello World, and they kept telling me they didn’t have any more entries. (Three times) I sent them a video of all of my envelopes. Still didn’t help. So, I called IHG Customer Service. Three days later Hello World emailed me asking for my IHG number. I then received the remaining 70 entries.

    My son and daughter-in-law each sent in 94. He received all of his – she received none. After contacting Hello World, she received 54, 40 of which were total losers! She hasn’t received the rest yet.

  6. Thank you for the link and reminder. I just used the link above to request the remaining plays. I sent out 94 and received 35. I was really hoping that I would have at least enough points for one night in California for a road trip. Hotel prices and point redemptions have been sky high in California during the past few years.

  7. Update: Both my Mom and Tiffany got a response from Hello World regarding their missing game pieces. At first, they both got emails where HW said they had processed all 94 entries. They both replied saying that “no, in fact we only had X, and the results in their IHG accounts show that only X prizes have posted.” So you might need to be persistent. Tiffany suggests including lots of !!!! in your request seems to help.

    Now off to ride the elevator.

  8. I emailed Helloworld Friday about my husband’s missing game pieces. This evening I received a reply that they were working on “the remainder.” At 11:41 pm he received the remaining 37 chances to play. I don’t know if this would have happened without the Friday email. Only glitch now is that some in the first batch had been for more than 500. One was for 5,000, a couple for 2,000 and a couple for 1,000. They all
    Showed up as 500 each in his account.

  9. They are just making up game plays at this point, I sent it 50 entries for my wife, of which she only received 19. I asked for the remaining entries about 36 hours ago and specifically gave the number I was expecting. This evening they said, “We processed the maximum of 94 entries for you” and she got another 75 plays.

    I hope IHG is seeing this promotion as a wild success rather than an “uh oh look how many “free” points we’re giving away. Their promotion has spurred me on to try Intercontinental, and so I signed up for the IHG chase card (80k bonus) and paid for IC ambassador. Hopefully they appreciate the amount of advertising they got out of the blogs and repeat these pretty amazing sweepstakes.

  10. @Travis, glad you emailed them. I know we are saying free points but after you pay for supplies/stamps and you (your mother!) spent that much time on it, you should get get a play for each entry you sent in.

    @Peter, we had the same thing happen to one in our family. Only mailed 60, only received 6 emails to play. She emailed them several times, each time stating that 60 had been sent in, not 6, and they sent 88, to make 94! Doesn’t make sense. Maybe they are doing it because it took from December until after the game was officially over, to get anything? One family member has received nothing but still emailing and arguing with them.

  11. I mailed in 94 and never got anything, then I emailed yesterday and got a reply today saying I had 94 entries and giving me the link. But after 3 plays I got the message “We love your enthusiasm!
    However, you do not have any instant win chances to use” – anyone else have this happen?

  12. I was missing 30 entries but emailed immediately after reading this yesterday. I just got my 30 emails, so 24 hours turnaround. Very happy. Got a total of 60,000 points for my 94 entries. Thanks, Travis, for the post, l would’ve missed out on the last 15,000 points without it.

  13. @Peter – the same thing happened to me. I told them I received 19 of the 50. I received 6 emails today and played them but just kept clicking figuring they may have given me the additional 25. They gave me all the way up to 94. So I got 41K points from todays 75 entries.

    Thanks Travis for the timely post!

  14. I only mailed one entry just for kicks. I emailed saying I had not received my one entry. I got 81 emails today…yippie

  15. Thank you … sent in my email yesterday and got no response from Hello World. But today received the remaining 11 emails today for 5,500 IHG points (~$35 value) for a grand total of around 60K IHG points for this promo.

    Thanks again! 🙂

  16. So irritated! Sent in mine and the husbands. Most of my emails came, did email play a few times to make up for the missing. But nothing on his account. Emailed both Hello World and IHG since the 14th to try to play in time. Referred back to HellloWorld and got nothing. Promo ended and I want his missing 47,000 points for the work I did. Almost like they threw a huge chunk of mail away because why would some peoples mailings work and not others. We both were registered in January. #IHGRewards

  17. I sent HelloWorld a email on the 14th because I have not received any emails for the 94 entries I mailed in over a month and a half ago. Today at 1:30pm PST, I received an email asking for my 9 digit IHG Rewards Club number (which I already gave them in my original email) so that they could quickly identify the status of my inquiry. So I replied back with my 9 digit Rewards Club number. At 5:30pm PST I received another email that read the following.

    “Thank you for your email regarding the IHG Rewards Club and Mastercard® Priceless Surprises® Promotion. The promotion ended on March 15, 2016, at 11:59 pm ET, therefore we are no longer awarding game plays. We sincerely thank you for your interest in the promotion and for your continued loyalty to IHG.

    Have a great day!

    HelloWorld Customer Care”

    I guess I just find this unacceptable seeing as how I spent all that time hand writing all those index cards. For what? Just to be written off like that? I sent these letters in well over a month ago! Any ideas?? Should I shoot off another email? I feel completely played by IHG.

  18. I received 37 of 94. Sent email on 3/14 as suggested above. Received following email yesterday:
    “Thank you for your email regarding the IHG Rewards Club and Mastercard® Priceless Surprises® Promotion. The promotion ended on March 15, 2016, at 11:59 pm ET, therefore we are no longer awarding game plays. We sincerely thank you for your interest in the promotion and for your continued loyalty to IHG.

    Have a great day! “

  19. Another data point. I sent the email to Helloworld just after the game period ended. Unfortunately I just got this response. On the one hand, they did fulfill 89 out of 94 requests. On the other hand, I’m disappointed.

    HelloWorld Customer Care via
    8:00 PM (16 hours ago)

    to me
    Thank you for your email regarding the IHG® Rewards Club and Mastercard® Priceless Surprises® Promotion. Unfortunately, we did not receive your missing entries. Pursuant to section 6b of the Official Rules, all mail in entries must have been received by February 22, 2016. Proof of sending or submission is not proof of receipt. Please feel free to review the Official Rules here. We sincerely appreciate your participation in the promotion and for your continued loyalty to IHG® Rewards Club.

  20. Has anyone sent a follow up e-mail after receiving the “contest has ended” response? We sent in 188 entries and received one e-mail. I’m definitely a bit annoyed at Hello World and IHG.

  21. Kind of a wacky outcome for a lot of folks. My girlfriend and I completed all the mail in entries. I received 4 emails and she got none.

    We both email them about the lack of email chances and they credited me the full amount (although I didn’t get a chance at higher prizes) and they never responded to my girlfriend. Maybe next time?

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