Requalified for 1K today!

Well, I checked my United account today and saw that I passed 100,000 EQM’s for the year. That doesn’t factor in the trips I’ve taken on American and OpenSkies, which easily add another 15,000 actual miles. Considering that all of my fares on United are pretty low, those 100,000 EQM’s translate to nearly that many actual flown miles. At this rate I should easily pass 200,000 actual flown miles this year, probably closer to 250,000.

I must say, I’m pretty exhausted. Maybe it was all of the walking I did in Chicago or maybe it’s the dozens of redeyes I’ve been on in the past few months, but I’m sitting here at 9:30PM just about ready to fall asleep, which is scary. Yes I’ve been busy with the “real” world as well, but that usually doesn’t make me exhausted.

Anyway, it’s nice to see that I passed 1K already the hard way, and it’ll only look nicer when the double EQM’s post. With those I should be pretty close to 150,000 EQM’s, which means two more systemwide upgrades will follow shortly.

Speaking of systemwide upgrades, considering that I have $1,000 worth of vouchers I can use on a single trip (a $600 type B voucher and $400 type A voucher which are combinable), I might just be making a revenue ticket to Asia this year and upgrade with systemwides, which I haven’t done for at least a few years now.

Happy travels, and here’s to another 100,000!

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