Hilarious: Renting A Car Without Paying Any Fees

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Tripp and Tyler is a pretty funny YouTube channel that does lots of skits based on things you may encounter in real life. Just yesterday they uploaded a hilarious video called “A Rental Car Success Story,” which I think perfectly sums up most peoples’ experiences with the “big guy” car rental companies. Here’s the video, if you need a good laugh:

A couple of weeks ago they made a video entitled “Air Travel In Real Life,” which is about what it would be like if being a passenger in a car were like being in a plane:

Personally I think the car rental skit is funnier, but I think both are worth watching, if you haven’t seen them yet.

(Tip of the hat to Jeff)

  1. “Be sure to sign up for our rider loyalty program so you can collect thousands of meaningless points” Clearley someone needs to read your blog more.

  2. Hahaha, these guys are hilarious!!! That is exactly what you feel like when renting a car.

    Hey Lucky – been looking for your trip report on the Emirates first class suite… have I missed it?

  3. I rented a car in LA for a rock bottom price. They wanted insurance, gas, upgrade, etc., all the things mentioned in the video. I declined them all. When I took the car back, it was inspected and singed off as no damage. Four weeks later I got a call from them wanting a statement as to why there was damage to the car and who my insurance carrier was! Needless to say I had a few choice words for them and did not back down and insisted they provide evidence of the damage. Of course they couldn’t. I never heard from them again.

  4. and that is why I rent from silvercar whenever possible. great cars, only a $5 fee to fill up gas, they don’t charge you to “rent ” the ez-pass, no BS fees… they already have your insurance info. So easy.

  5. Some of the car rental places in Cabo advertise cars for $1 per day. Can you imagine how tough it was to get out of one of those places and pay less than $5 for the 4 days (with a little tax). Yes, I probably had some risk, but concluded that my credit card covered most everything.

  6. Main reasons why I don’t rent a car anymore on business trips. Much easier and most of the time cheaper to use Uber/Lyft the whole trip.

  7. Sorry, really didn’t find the skits funny. I totally agree with the problem with rental car companies but just didn’t find their take on it particularly humourous!

  8. I’d laugh but I’ve been at the point of tears in this situation. Occasionally I meet fantastic personnel at car rental firms. Avis/Hertz at Luxembourg airport are excellent. Once they dropped a one way drop off fee and upgraded me because they had a luxury car that needed to be returned to another office.

  9. I didn’t find the skits terribly funny, but did find them to be familiar.

    The worst car rental experience I had (and by no means all THAT bad) was Budget at LAX. 45 minute wait to reach the check-in desk (Fastbreak was unavailable for some reason). Then the upsells… oh, the upsells. Upsells upon upsells! Separate protection available for the windows, tires, and rims, all separate packages, of course. The saleshole wasn’t willing to give me the keys until I signed up for something, so I pulled out my phone and started calling up Budget’s 800#. Keys to a Passat were reluctantly handed over.

    You better believe I took extensive before and after photos of the car and made sure the employees noticed.

    On a positive note, the shuttle driver was very helpful with bags and friendly.

    I notice this same location enjoys a delightful 1.5 star rating on Yelp, so I’m not alone in my thoughts of this location. Come to think of it, I’ve not rented from Budget since that experience 3 years ago. It’s been all Enterprise / National since

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