Reminder: don’t punch your flight attendant…


A 63-year-old Massachusetts man on a JFK-bound American Airlines flight found his path to the bathroom blocked by a beverage cart early Thursday. His response? He repeatedly kicked and knocked over the cart — and then punched a flight attendant — according to a report in the New York Post.

I also love this part:

New York Port Authority police took Isabelle into custody upon landing, and took him to a hospital for a psychological evaluation.

The question in my mind, though, is how the heck do you knock over the cart? Those things weigh a ton, not to mention there’s no wiggle room in the aisle to actually flip it over.

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  1. Galley carts don’t weigh anything near a ton. Empty weight of most ATLAS standard carts ranges from 16kg to 35kg, depending on optional fittings like dry ice trays or similar. They are bulky but they are made from lightweight materials and weigh no more than a suitcase would. Some of the new generation carts made out of synthetic materials weigh as little as 8kg empty.

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