Register for American emails and receive bonus miles

American is offering 500 miles for each AA email list you join and stay subscribed to for three months. Simply register here.

Update: This might be targeted, as it only mentions the bonus miles for some accounts, it seems. It has worked for all the accounts I manage.

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  1. It doesnt mention the miles at all there. I just subscribed to all of em anyways. Now time to make a gmail filter for all that AA crap im gonna get.
    Thats a pretty easy 2500 miles then…

  2. Thanks for the headsup Coins. I just extended my wife and daughters activity by 18 months. Good thing for me I was remiss in not signing them up for everything way back when. Oh, and I managed to snag 500 miles too.

  3. Yea – echoing whakojacko here – no mention of free airline miles in the fine print, only a contest entry. Thanks for the tip, though, hopefully the offer is still valid!


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