Reader pictures of China Southern Deluxe First Class and First Class

I’ve posted extensively about China Southern’s new Airbus 380s, which will be operating the Los Angeles to Guangzhou route as of October 12. Reader Pablo was kind enough to share some photos from his flight on the China Southern Airbus 380 between Guangzhou and Beijing. While we’ve already seen some images on China Southern’s website, professional photos promoting the product can often be a bit misleading. So that’s where Pablo’s photos come in handy, which are extremely high qualify though also “candid:”

China Southern Airbus 380 exterior

Deluxe First Class

Deluxe First Class

Deluxe First Class

Deluxe First Class


Serving area

First Class

First Class

This looks like a really solid product, and I hope to try both cabins before the year is up.

As a reminder, you can redeem Korean Air SkyPass miles for China Southern Deluxe First class, at the cost of 160,000 miles for a roundtrip (and you can transfer Ultimate Rewards points to Korean Air SkyPass). China Southern’s “First Class” is actually business class, so you can most efficiently redeem Delta SkyMiles for a roundtrip in business class for just 120,000 miles. In both cases award availability is wide open.

All credit goes to Pablo and 四月的麦田 for sharing the picture. You can find his site here.

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  1. think you mean business class not first class for those last couple of pictures, no?

    Looks like you’ve got to be really thin to get into those window seats.

  2. Agreed. Although the amenities are there, it seems to lack that “class” and “refinement” often seen in premium cabins. The looks remind me more of an expensive private hospital.

  3. I’m glad I am not the only one that thinks the deluxe first class cabin looks cheap. Not just the plastics but things like the blanket and pillow in the business class cabin as well as the head cloth in first. It looks like something my grandmother would have in her house?

  4. I’m wondering if Delta’s ignorant phone reps will see Southern China’s “first class” as actually business class in award inventory?

  5. @Dennis: Plenty of people have been able to book business class awards on China Southern using SkyMiles. The agents are just given the list of booking codes to use for the various classes of service and don’t care how the operating carrier markets it. Otherwise, they’d be really confused by Korean Air, which markets its business class as “Prestige Class”.

  6. Why do you keep on using the domestic names for the cabins, confusing your readers (see Delta remark) and probably even yourself? You’re savvier than that!

  7. I agree with the other posters. I like clean and modern (probably more than the average person), but the deluxe first and first just seem cold and cheap. The comparison to the hospital bed is a good one. I’ll take CX/BA/LX/LH over this cabin any day…doors or not.

  8. I find the plane livery especially ugly and cheap looking, and those Chinese characters on the outside contribute a lot to it.
    I mean what’s up with that?
    Some kind of national pride thing?

  9. Regardless of the critics above, it is a good way to burn some Skypesos.

    Further China Southern’s bus. cl seats on the A380 look more comfortable than the CRAP that Lufthansa put in their bus. cl on the A380!

  10. Amazing. Great pics Thanks. First Class looks just like Delta’s business class (US to Heathrow run). I can only dream of flying in the “Deluxe” first cabin. Who knows..

  11. @ Dennis — They will because of how it’s coded. It’s just first class in name.

    @ SE — I capitalized the names because that’s what the cabins are called. It’s just like referring to United BusinessFirst, Korean Air Prestige Class, etc.

  12. It’s like Emirates (suites in first + staggered business seats), but without the excessive wood and gold. Almost like they went in the complete other direction.

    While it may look “cheap”, the biggest issue should be how comfortable it is…

  13. Sorry, on int’l flights the cabins are NEVER referred to with the names you use. They are not called “Deluxe First” and “First” on ANY int’l flight. You are adding more and more confusion!

  14. Make a dummy booking for PEK-CAN domestic and see what it’s called, and one for CAN-LAX.
    The simple reason is that the state regulated airfares within China do not allow a “business” class, but only first class (barley price regulated) and eco (fully regulated). They simply may not offer their product as business on domestic flights unless the flight continues on to an int’l destination – therefore, the confusing names. Deluxe first is clearly sold as first and first as business on int’l flights.

  15. Furthermore, this malarky isn’t new with the 380, but been this way since the introduction of three class aircrafts (330s) and can also be found on Australia/EU routes.

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