Quick update from Hong Kong

Hello from the Cathay Pacific arrivals lounge in Hong Kong. We just got off our flight from Toronto, and it was INCREDIBLE. I can’t post pictures at the moment, but I’ll post a few a little bit later in the day, and dozens when I get around to posting my trip report. Long story short the “suite” was the best I’ve ever been in. I’m confident that it’s the best first class seat in the world (not including “Suites” class). The seat design honestly couldn’t be any better. No matter how hard I try, I couldn’t make a single suggestion to improve it. I got about eight hours of “real” sleep, which is great for me on an airplane.

The food was also fantastic, probably slightly better than Singapore Airlines first class, and as many of you know, I’m a huge fan of Singapore. My dad and I were also able to dine together, which was great. While I was against it at first since I figured it would ruin the presentation, it was the exact opposite. When dining with someone else they have a special table extension and they still provide full service. That was great.

I have mixed feelings about the service, sort of. Don’t get me wrong, the service was great. The flight attendants were friendly and they paid a massive amount of attention to detail, but the benchmark for me is Singapore Airlines. Maybe it was intentional, but between the two meal services I didn’t once see a flight attendant pass through the cabin seeing if we needed anything. On Singapore Airlines they pass through the cabin probably every 10 minutes, even on a 15 hour flight. I’m sure it wasn’t because the flight attendants were lazy or because they were anti-social, but I’m thinking it might be intentional since they want to avoid too much foot traffic on a night time flight. Nonetheless the flight attendant call button was happily answered within seconds each time I pushed it, and the service during the meals was top notch.

Overall I had a fantastic experience and I’d rank them on par with Singapore, which is saying a lot. I have three more flights with them on this trip, so I’m curious to see whether my opinion changes at all.

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