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Answers (8)

First world problems…

First world problems…

  1. Bob Loblaw

    I’m in the process of booking a round trip between Singapore and Zurich and am considering booking into first just for the lols. There are three carriers out of SIN that I have my eye on (Swiss, Singapore Airlines and Etihad), and I was considering booking one there and a different one on the way back. Suggestions?

  2. freshthoughts

    would rule out Etihad as no A380 on either routes just they’re standard F and its not direct.

    Singapore has the advantage of suites on this route and a bigger plane (a380) and access to the Private room but you only get to use the senator lounge in Zurich which is the same as star golds use.

    however with swiss you access to the first lounge in ZHR which by the looks of luck’s review is pretty cool.
    would personally go with Swiss but i suppose you could maybe find a codeshare flight that does Singapore there and swiss back. that would be the best outcome.

  3. Bob Loblaw

    yes, I’m thinking SIA on the way there is the preferred option, and true, it’s not an a380 on EY, but I haven’t done the 787 yet, and that’s what Etihad operates on both legs. I’m also tempted by the free two night stopover in Abu Dhabi option for F passengers on EY… but I also know that Swiss is one of the best…

  4. No Name

    If you are serious about this the way to go would be Swiss from ZRH to SIN and Sia from SIN to ZRH.

    Why? Because most airlines that have a F product offer the best ground service out from their home base rather than from an outstation.

    Hotel costs in Abu Dhabi is not that high compered to the price of F tickets that a free two night stopover should be the deciding factor.

    Also when are you going to travel? Keep in mind that the very high summer temperatures starts in the Gulf region soon.

  5. David W

    I enjoyed my EY F flights quite a bit on their 787 so it’s not a bad option.

    Can you book different carriers for each direction? Swiss F and their lounge in ZRH looks like an absolute must.

  6. Anonymous

    Swiss and Etihad! If you have to choose, just Swiss!!

  7. Nick Art

    I would go Swiss all the way. Although if it’s possible (which it is not) take the departing flight as Swiss (departs at 2300 in Zurich) and take the return Singapore (arrives 0800 in Zurich), while Swiss arrives at 0605. Singapore doesn’t show any codeshare flights on that route normally and Swiss: well it’s like a 1/99 chance the flight is shown as codeshare on the return leg, but I don’t seem to find any availability, only for the ZRH-SIN leg.

  8. Gaurav

    I would second [USER=268]@No Name[/USER]’s suggestion. Ground services are likely to be best at the airline’s home base so flying Swiss outbound and SQ inbound will maximize lounge access. If those don’t work EY is a worthwhile backup the 787 is very comfortable.

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