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Answers (11)

Upgrade to AMX platinum

Upgrade to AMX platinum

  1. Tom L New Member

    i currently have the AMX PRG card with approx 67000 points on it. I was sent a target on my AMX site to upgrade to the Platinum and receive 25K points with No spend limit just one purchase. i like the 200 airline credit and the TSA pre check credit but not sure i travel enough for the lounge access? I have the SPG card ,Delta gold and a SW airline chase card so when i fly them i use the matching card? Just kinda wondering if the upgrade is worth it? getting points will be harder with spend on the platinum

  2. David W Community Ambassador

    youre probably better off waiting for a better card offer

  3. MidSouthSkier Community Ambassador

    I’ll second what [USER=29]@David W[/USER] says. We recently saw a 100K point offer for the Platinum card. Since (for now) Amex says you only get one signing bonus per card in your lifetime, you definitely want to wait.

  4. Tom L New Member

    [QUOTE=”MidSouth Skier, post: 16998, member: 184″]I’ll second what [USER=29]@David W[/USER] says. We recently saw a 100K point offer for the Platinum card. Since (for now) Amex says you only get one signing bonus per card in your lifetime, you definitely want to wait.[/QUOTE]
    even for a NO spend to get the bonus

  5. Gaurav Community Ambassador

    Correct. If you really have trouble meeting spend requirements, it might be worth it to spend some time doing some research on how to achieve that. Most people would choose the 100k offer over 25k in a heartbeat.

  6. Anonymous Guest

    Agreed, especially since the standard public offer is for 40k points after $3k in spend, which isn’t that hard to do!

  7. 100K New Member

    I got the same offer this week (25K for one purchase and $450 fee) but I’ve already had the 100K Plat offer so I’m thinking this is just an opp to buy MR for 1.8 cents, about what Lucky puts them at, so not a great offer.

  8. PhatMiles Member

    If you already have plat and want to “buy” MR it is a decent deal. Make sure what version of Plat you will be upgraded to. Don’t miss out on a future signup bonus since Amex has the once in a life time rule.

  9. 100K New Member

    Good advice. I got the 100K Plat offer 2 yrs ago, have the (75K) MB Plat version now. Also, I wonder if they would say, “you already had a bonus two yrs ago so the 25K is not available” even though they offer it to me (when I log in)?

  10. Gaurav Community Ambassador

    Read the find print carefully and make sure you are not excluded because of that or any other condition and take plenty of screen shots and you should be fine. You can always go the CPFB route if you have evidence to back you up.

  11. 100K New Member

    Just chatted with Amex and reminded them about 1 bonus/lifetime that I’ve read about and they said if I get it in my account (when I sign in) then I will get the 25K even if I’ve had a bonus before. Lots of screen shots. If I can take advantage of the $200 airline fee it will def be worth it.

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