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Answers (15)

Stopover for 2 days in Abu Dhabi

Stopover for 2 days in Abu Dhabi

  1. Javed Rahman


    I have a question regarding the stopover rule using AAdvantage Miles when flying Etihad…

    I would like to book a ticket with Etihad using AAdvantage Miles from North America to Asia. It does stop in Abu Dhabi on the way and require you to change the plane. My question is: can you break your journey and have a 2 day stopover in Abu Dhabi and continue to your final destination on your third day. Please suggest. Thanks in advance!

  2. Gaurav

    You can but you would have to pay for two awards – USA-ME, ME-Asia. If you want to keep it to one award you’ll have to keep your stopover to less that 24 hours unfortunately.

  3. Javed Rahman

    Thanks Gaurav. I appreciate your valuable input.

    Would you happened to know what would breakdown mileage for followings for Business Class tickets on Etihad:

    USA – AUH:
    AUH – DAC:

    Thanks again.

  4. MarkS

    [USER=79]@Gaurav[/USER] While you are correct about the stopover less than 24 hours, USA-ME-Asia is not a valid route using American points, so he has to have 2 tickets. American has 2 Asia regions. The only way to these regions is over the Pacific. You can’t go US-Asia2-Asia1, but you can go US-Asia1-Asia2.

    However he wants to go to DAC which is in the Indian Subcontinent category, not Asia. American routing rules state the only valid connection to this region is via Europe, not AUH on Etihad. He can get to DAC via the Pacific on Cathay or American through Hong Kong which was recently included in acceptable 3rd region transits.

    So if wants one ticket its over the Atlantic via Europe (BA London no doubt) or over the Pacific (Cathay/AA HKG).

    To answer the point question:
    USA-AUH: 70K
    AUH-DAC: 30K
    So 100K each way.

    A single ticket is 70K in business one way

  5. Gaurav

    Thanks for the correction Mark, I usually travel to India and conflate that with Asia in my head.

    However, I’d correct the part about routing through AUH. ME is a valid transit for the subcontinent (have done it many times). USA-AUH/DOH-Subcontinent would be valid.

  6. MarkS

    No worries. I was just going off of “unpublished” routing rules. Good info as this is not commonly known.

  7. Javed Rahman

    Thank you both very much. Once again, I appreciate it.

  8. MarkS

    So I just looked at 8 blogs of the “experts”. Only 2 had the ME routing allowed. One of them was OMAAT


  9. Gaurav

    If memory serves correctly I think I had asked Ben to update that after AA broke out ME and the subcontinent :). Actually have a flight in a couple of weeks BOM-AUH-JFK-BOS, all on one ticket in F. I wonder if the other blogs have updated their posts since the realignment happened. I think people put a lot of effort into making sure they get good info when they write their posts but then it gets out of date as airlines update. Out of curiosity, which was the other updated source?

  10. MarkS

    The Apartment! First time?

    Yes, most if not all were updated with the 2 changes last year, the other being Europe/Australia routing

  11. MarkS

    Milecards was the correct one.

  12. MarkS

    Sorry didn’t finish and hit wrong key. Milecard was the only one that had ME as allowed transit for India other than OMAAT. The others only had Europe.

  13. Gaurav

    Yes, we’re going SQ suites outbound and EY apartments on return. Very excited :).

  14. MarkS

    [ATTACH=full]244[/ATTACH] I bet. Have blast! Just did the apartment recently. I think I put this up, if not have a look.


    And the lounge

  15. Anonymous

    [QUOTE=”MarkS, post: 25912, member: 2121″]So I just looked at 8 blogs of the “experts”. Only 2 had the ME routing allowed. One of them was OMAAT[/QUOTE]

    Because we have the best readers!!!

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