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Answers (6)

Being bullied on flight, what to do?

Being bullied on flight, what to do?

  1. Anonymous

    What are my options when abused/bullied by another passenger that will not allow the passenger in the seat in front to recline, at all? When the passenger sitting behind pushes up the seat in front at any attempt of reclining, siting his legs are too long to allow any recline? This passenger took away my right as a fellow passenger and refused any suggested compromise, such as recline half way of the mere few centimeters allocated in an economy seat or switching seats so the he is in front while I recline in the back seat. The airline staff attempted to speak to this passenger once and he refused to listen so they continued serving drinks. This passenger was no penalized for the bullying behavior but should there not be some sort of consequence? I filed a compliant with the airline and I only received an acknowledgement it was unfortunate. I am not seeking any compensation but for the airline to not allow this and other passengers to behave as such without consequences.

  2. TexasFlyer

    Well, many people are bullies whats the news here? Happens all the time. Try flying higher class/private.

  3. Donna

    I have experienced this same thing over and over during my many years of travel in economy class. And sadly, things are getting worse than ever due to the smaller pitch of these seats. And it’s always a man. I have never witnessed a man getting this treatment from the man in the seat behind him. Flight crews are reluctant to get involved in any meaningful way in these situations.

    If a man asks me nicely not recline my seat, I will be gracious and comply. If I get my seat back pushed up or kicked I will talk to the FA and if nothing gets resolved I just let it go. It’s sad that people find this boorish behavior acceptable.

  4. Rob in Miami

    I really do not understand why the airlines don’t use a seat design where if you recline (I never recline unless Im at the end of the row with a bulkhead behind me)…. the seat does not pitch backward into the back seat neighbor.
    If you want to recline, then, you give up on the space in front of you… that would only be fair. This way, those at the front bulkhead- who start that negative trend- can lessen their space.

  5. Rob in Miami

    And, to answer your question: it is 100% between you and the crew. It has nothing to do with any aggression between you (and backwards) to your neighbor. This is a crew issue.

  6. TexasFlyer

    I like to make it a crew issue to see how they react. After all I am a platinum/elite member… and I certainly like to “bully” as much as I can.

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