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Answers (6)

Advice kindly sought about an Ritz-Carlton (Japan) redemption and eligible guests

Advice kindly sought about an Ritz-Carlton (Japan) redemption and eligible guests

  1. Scoob72

    [COLOR=#000066][I][B]Firstly, thank you for taking the time to read this post — I greatly appreciate it.[/B][/I][/COLOR]

    Would any OMAATers be able to advise ([B][I]reassure?![/I] :)[/B]) me about the following situation?

    Basically, I recently took out a Tier 4-5 Marriott Air Package using my own points, [I][B]but then transferred said points to my [U]partner’s[/U] account[/B][/I][B] [/B]for her to then make our R-C redemption in Japan.

    (For the airmiles which we collectively needed for the flight part of our travel plans, transferring the points to her account was the only option for us, just to explain.)

    [B]My question is[/B]: as our R-C redemption/booking is in [B][I][U][COLOR=#ff0000]her[/COLOR][/U][/I][/B] name, would [B][COLOR=#ff0000][U][I]I[/I][/U] [/COLOR][/B]be able to still stay in the room [I][B]even if my partner ends up not coming to Japan?[/B][/I] (She works in the entertainment field and she consistently has to pull out of our holidays at the eleventh hour, albeit through no fault of her own.) My concern is that I just don’t want to make my way all the way from London to Japan only then to be told, at R-C check-in, that I am [I][B]not[/B][/I] eligible to check in.

    Would any OMAATers possibly be able to reassure me that I would be able to check-in without problem?

    A miles blogger I know has told me that he thinks I should be fine because it’s Japan, especially if I were to add to the booking’s notes that “I will be arriving first before my partner” — apparently, so I’ve been told, I’d have more problems with this kind of thing in places like Spain or German — but I did wish to ask OMAATers for a broader reassurance that I would be okay. Or whether anyone else has found themselves in this situation before?

    [B][I][COLOR=#000066]Again, thank you taking time out to read this[/COLOR][/I][/B]

  2. MidSouthSkier

    Before I reached the next-to-last paragraph of your post I was going to suggest adding a note to the reservation indicating you’d be arriving first and to be sure you’re listed by name as the second guest. I’d also be sure there’s a phone number for her where she can be reached. The one time my friends arrived at a hotel before me, the front desk called me to verify it was ok to for them to be in the room. So I think the advice you’ve received is on the right track.

  3. rickyw

    I’d also make sure you carry the credit card that is on file on your partner’s account – sometimes they will require the physical card used to make the reservation. Even though it’s a points redemption, there is still a card on file for deposits/incidentals.

  4. Scoob72

    [B][COLOR=#0000ff]MidSouth Skier [/COLOR][/B]/ [B][COLOR=#0000ff]RickyW [/COLOR][/B]– [B][I]thanks so much for the above! [/I][/B]I genuinely appreciate it. 🙂 And it’s also very reassuring!

    [B]Ricky [/B]– could I just ask: if I carried my partner’s credit card to Japan, do you think it may seem strange, if I asked to present it at check-in, that I am carrying someone else’s card (even if she’s my partner)? It may seem perfectly normal perhaps, but I have not done this before, you see.

    Also, if I may: in terms of adding my name to the booking as a second guest, I notice that, within this R-C booking, it says that no edits can made to the booking [B][I]online[/I][/B]. As such, if I sent an email to Marriott (via my partner’s account; using one of those online Marriott forms) and asked for myself to be added to the booking as a second guest and saying that I would be arriving first, then this should elicit a response from Marriott in terms of my name being added to the booking?

    Sorry if these sound like dumb questions! 🙁

    All the best

  5. rickyw

    Scoob, I don’t think it would be strange. Do you and your partner share a last name?

    For adding your name as the second guest, I do this all the time. If your partner is a Rewards member, I always just call the elite reservations line and ask them to add the second name. Then, for my own sanity, I also call the hotel and confirm they can see the note.

  6. Scoob72

    [B][COLOR=#0000ff]Ricky[/COLOR][/B] — many thanks for replying once again and that’s excellent advice, which I will absolutely follow. I hadn’t thought about following up with the hotel, so that’s a great bit of input. Thank you.

    (Currently, my partner and I have separate surnames, Ricky, though we will actually marry prior to our Japan holiday, funnily enough; that said, for professional reasons, my partner will wish to keep her maiden name after we get married, rather frustratingly in this case! :(:))

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