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Answers (6)

JAL Mileage Bank redemptions — quick question (okay 2! :o))

JAL Mileage Bank redemptions — quick question (okay 2! :o))

  1. Scoob72

    [I][COLOR=#0000ff]Firstly, thank you for reading this! I do appreciate it.[/COLOR][/I]

    Would someone possibly be able to clarify the following at all?

    1. As a JAL Mileage Club member, would I be able to book an award seat (availability permitting) [B][U]for another person[/U][/B], i.e. not me? I was wanting to book a seat for my mother-in-law and I am not a member of JAL’s “Family Club”?

    2. Is it possible to book [B][U]one-way[/U] [/B]JAL redemptions [B][COLOR=#ff0000][U]online[/U][/COLOR][/B]? I’ve read on one well-known site that these need to booked over the phone, but then, contrarily, on FT that, at least on the Japan-based JAL site, one-way redemptions [I][B]are[/B][/I] bookable online… as a UK-based person, I just wondered what anyone’s experiences were of booking one-way redemptions [B][I]online outside of Japan[/I][/B]?

    [I][COLOR=#0000ff]Again, thank you for taking the time to read this![/COLOR][/I] 🙂

  2. MidSouthSkier

    Welcome [USER=2235]@Scoob72[/USER] – I don’t know the answer to your question but hoping this will bump it up the queue for those who do.

  3. David W

    If you don’t mind my speculating:

    1 – I think you should be able to book travel using your miles for someone else. Most programs allow this and pretty easily. Korean is the only one I know of that makes it difficult. I think the JAL Family Club’s main target is to accrue points into a shared account for a traveling family, especially with young children.

    2 – I’d try to make a dummy booking and see how far you can get, especially since there doesnt seem to be too much information about it.

  4. Scoob72

    [B][COLOR=#000066]Midsouth Skier[/COLOR][/B] / [B][COLOR=#000066]David W[/COLOR][/B] — [B]thanks so much for the above! I genuinely appreciate it.[/B]

    David, once my SPG points credit my JAL account, I’ll do as you suggest and make a dummy run and feedback here once I have in terms of any success (or lack thereof!).

    All the best,


  5. Cal

    I think your Mother-in-law is OK. See this chart

  6. Scoob72

    [B][COLOR=#0000b3]Cal [/COLOR][/B]– [B]many thanks indeed for this![/B]

    I fear, though, that I should have said mother-in-law-[B][COLOR=#ff0000]to-be[/COLOR] 🙁 — [I]sorry! [/I][/B](I’ve been with my partner nine years, so it’s an easy slip, unfortunately.)
    Even though I take great heart now from both this chart that you’ve kindly pasted above ([I]again, thank you, Cal![/I]) and also from what [B]David W[/B] says above, do you think that this puts a different slant on things at all (me not actually being related to my gf’s mother, I mean)?
    I suppose my central fear is really this: with the redemption I had in mind being that my girlfriend’s mother flies from [B]SYD-NRT[/B] (with me being based in the [B]UK[/B], where I will similarly be at the time of any successful SYD-NRT award flight departure), then is there any chance that my girlfriend’s mother [B]could be stopped from boarding[/B] if I had booked her award seat with my own JAL miles and if we didn’t share a surname or aren’t (yet) formally linked by family?

    I’m sure I must sound completely neurotic o_O:D, guys, but I guess I’m just concerned about shifting a lot of SPG starpoints across to JAL only for things to potentially go awry at the point of boarding.
    In saying that, from what’s been said above I do feel quite reassured and, whatever the case, [B][COLOR=#0000b3]Cal [/COLOR][/B]/ [B][COLOR=#0000b3]David[/COLOR][/B] / [B][COLOR=#0000b3]MidSouth Skier,[/COLOR][/B] thanks just so much for all your input and advice to date — [I][B]invaluable stuff![/B][/I]

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