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Answers (16)

Booking LH first with SQ Miles?

Booking LH first with SQ Miles?

  1. yaboobie

    Hi Guys,

    Its me again, still trying to get some different options for my RTW route.

    Would i be able to book LH first class from DOH-LHR? this route stops in KWI and FRA. Im looking to route thru the FC terminal in FRA. I see on the SQ *A chart shows that 1way first class between the middle east and to EU is 35k miles. But i cant find anything on Uniteds website, and cant look up lufthansa because i just signed up.

    Anyone know if this is a valid route? any other ideas on how i can route thru FRA FC Terminal?

    Thanks guys!

  2. MarkS

    LH doesn’t release first class space to any partner until 14 days before departure. The only way you can book this route, or any other route on LH in first in advance is with M&M points.

  3. David W

    @Like MarkS says, LH doesnt release space to partners more than 14 days out. Once you reach that threshold, use UA to search segment by segment to confirm that there is space on all the legs you need. Then call SQ and spoon feed them the flights to put together your ticket. You must call SQ since you cant book partner awards online. You would also not receive the 15% online booking discount. Most importantly, make sure you [I]arrive [/I]into FRA in First and connect the same day to LHR, or you wont get access to the FCT. However, unless your connection in FRA is 3 hours or more, the FCT may not be worth the trek.

  4. yaboobie

    [USER=29]@David W[/USER] [USER=2121]@MarkS[/USER] Thanks guys, so thats why I couldnt see any LH Flights.

    I just checked united again they are now showing up 14 day from now. Availability seems wide open for LH first everyday from now til 14days. I think I might have to book it right before i depart for the RTW trip for the FCT experiance.

    Otherwise, do you guys have any suggestions on other *A members with must see/go to lounges, or products from MidEast to EU? Im alittle hesitant on taking TK right now.

  5. MarkS

    Don’t be, the IST lounge is incredible. And TK catering is at the top of the list.

  6. yaboobie

    [USER=2121]@MarkS[/USER] [USER=29]@David W[/USER]
    Sorry guys to keep bugging you guys. I didnt want to flood the front page with another question. I’m Trying to book SQ first from sfo-inc-sin-hkg. I see that there are seat available and on SQ they price out at 82500+$267.82tax. however when i click on it they say that it requires 123,250 pts. am I doing something wrong? I havent transferred any points yet.

  7. MarkS

    It’s pricing the extra leg. You need to call

  8. yaboobie

    Would i forfeit the 15% discount from booking online?

  9. MarkS

    No. They will honor it

  10. yaboobie

    GREAT! Thanks!

  11. yaboobie

    Hi, I’m back again

    I tried calling SQ about not being able to book sfo-icn-sin-hkg for 82500, but none of the 3 reps i talked to were able to price it out. Shold i keep HUCA until some one came get it ticketed?

  12. MarkS

    Keep trying. Their mileage chart specifically states what that route costs. The computer is pricing it based on segments, or not pricing it because of backtracking. I would ask for a supervisor or ask them to contact someone that can override it.

    Having said all of this, I do not have any experience in getting something like this resolved. But the chart says what the chart says.

  13. yaboobie

    So I figured it out. on the award chart the prices listed have a small cross marked, and detailed in the footnote legend, (Hongkong/taiwan/macau)-(Westcoast) must be a direct flight =/ bummer. It seems the computer was pricing out the right price just not detailing the extra legs.

    I did however just book PVG-SIN-HKG-SFO, and am waitlisted for PVG-SIN-NRT/ICN-LAX on first/suite. which confused me because in theory it should violate the back tracking rule just like PEK-SIN-HKG-SFO(would not price). all said and done, instead of spending 62k SQ miles, I opted for the 106,250pts for a spot in suites a longer layover for private room, and over 20hrs of first class experiance.

  14. MarkS

    You’re right, my mistake. Of course the chart is misleading as they don’t fly direct to Taiwan or Macau from the west coast. The 106,250 you are spending for first is the right amount based on segments. I had priced this out earlier.

    Anyway glad you got it resolved. Enjoy the trip.

  15. MarkS

    Both the SFO and LAX destinations price out the same at 106,250.

    But the HKG pricing is wrong. The route of LAX-HKG (via SIN) is priced at 123,250 after discount. The route LAX-PVG (via SIN) is priced at 106,250. PVG is in a zone FARTHER from Singapore than HKG.

    What did they quote you for SFO-HKG (via SIN)?


  16. yaboobie

    sfo-hkg, needs to be a direct flight inorder for them to price out the 82,500. if routing though sin, then they would add the hkg-sin leg cost.

    They price what u pictured above 123,250.

    What’s most wierd is that Pvg-sfo back track but I was able to price and book it. But any other cities in China would not price. Even on the chart, there isn’t a price, so its leading me to think that my Pvg-sfo route is combining of 2 itineraries like the hkg-lax, But even then, the price doesn’t add up to the 125k.

    O well I still got my first and suite booked so I’m happy about that, slightly sad that it cost an extra 44k UR, as I was hoping to use an extra 35k to book Vce-doh on LH first when those seats get released.

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