Qatar Airways Teases #LikeNeverBefore Announcement

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Ugh, Qatar Airways sure knows how to tease. Starting on January 3 the airline has teased that a huge announcement is coming January 17, with the hashtag #LikeNeverBefore.

They have different messages through different social platforms, but for example, their first Tweet about it said “the neon lights will be glowing #LikeNeverBefore on 17 January.”

That linked to their website, which has a countdown clock. As they described it:

We are about to share something new and exciting. Subscribe to our newsletter and be the first to find out what Qatar Airways has in store for 2019.

Naturally there has been tons of speculation about what Qatar Airways would announce. After all, they’re one of the most innovative airlines out there, so when they say they’re about to share something like never before, it’s understandable people got excited.

Given the social media they’ve released regarding this, people started speculating. Are those neon lights in Hong Kong? Otherwise they have pictures of New York City and somewhere in Europe in their advertising, so is there a big service announcement here? Is Qatar Airways forming their own global alliance?

Well, unfortunately it looks like we may have just been getting too excited. Rather it appears that #LikeNeverBefore is just a “Hollywood-like brand film” that Qatar Airways is launching in a few days.

We know this because last night they apparently had a media preview for the movie.

Mr. Al Baker is of course talking about how this brand movie is the best thing ever. He makes the best movies. It will change aviation forever. It’s going to be huge. No one makes movies like Mr. Akbar:

“Qatar Airways has once again taken the initiative when it comes to innovation and we believe that this campaign will change the way the aviation industry will promote global travel in the future. This campaign embodies everything at the heart of Qatar Airways’ brand values, as well as the pride we share in providing exceptional service to our passengers across the globe.”

So yeah, Qatar Airways‘ big announcement, which they’ve been asking us to register for and for which they’ve had a countdown clock, is a brand movie.

Not that there’s necessarily anything wrong with that, but you can bet I won’t be setting my alarm for super early so that I can get up to see this.

  1. Wow. I signed up for the announcement message and can’t wait for it to arrive so I can unsubscribe from their future emails.

  2. Recently flew QR J then F. What a let-down! The soft product has really gone down in the last 2 years. And the AL Safwa lounge was very disappointing. The menu at the restaurant was small and uninspired… Will stick to EK in the future.

  3. Clearly losing billions of dollars a year, with loss leading prices sustained only by a gas rich government – you mean that kind of salt?

  4. They’re announcing that they’re finally going out of business and leaving my sweet American carriers alone ☺️☺️

  5. Even SQ doesn’t give a f*** on a blockbuster movie like ‘Crazy rich Asians’

    QR probably should avoid Hollywood or show biz and focus more on staying in business.

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