AMAZING Qatar Airways Business Class Fare — Asia To The U.S. For Under $1,500 Roundtrip!

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In October I wrote about an incredible business class fare on Qatar Airways between Bangkok and Los Angeles. The itinerary routed through Doha, so was an opportunity to fly over 23,000 “butt in seat” miles for under $1,500.

The fare was around for a short while, and I know a lot of people took advantage of it. Well, if you missed out, it looks like the fare is back once again. For ~$1,485 roundtrip you can fly Qatar Airways business class from Bangkok to Los Angeles.


You’re best off using Google Flights  to search availability, since not all dates are available. Then it will direct you to either Qatar Airways’ website or to an OTA to book. This time around the fare has a 30 day maximum stay, so you can’t stay in Los Angeles for more than 30 days between the outbound and return.


To recap all the things I also mentioned last time:

How many miles can you earn?

If you credit these flights to American AAdvantage you’d earn 150% elite qualifying miles. The trip is 23,136 “butt-in-seat” miles, so altogether you’d earn:

  • 23,136 redeemable miles (if you’re Executive Platinum you earn a 120% bonus, meaning you’d earn 50,899 miles)
  • 34,704 elite qualifying miles
  • $4,627 elite qualifying dollars (elite qualifying dollars for this fare are calculated as 20% of the distance flown)


Who is this fare useful for?

Obviously this is a great fare for any oneworld flyer based in Asia who would like to visit the US. Getting this cheap of a fare in paid business class is almost unheard of, and you’d be earning a lot of miles through American AAdvantage for this fare.

But this fare can even be useful for North America based flyers, at least for the crazy among us. Say you’re planning a vacation to Asia. Book an award ticket to get to Asia, then use this fare to get back to the US, and then you can use the return of this trip to start your next trip.

Qatar’s 777 business class

Qatar Airways’ flight between Doha and Los Angeles is operated by their 777, featuring fully flat forward facing business class seats. This product isn’t as good as what they offer on the A350, A380, and 787, but it’s still fairly solid. As far as their soft product goes, I think Qatar Airways has the best in the sky.


Then between Bangkok and Doha you should be able to snag a seat on an A380, which features the better product.


Bottom line

This is an incredible business class fare, and for AAdvantage members is a great way to get a head start on 2017 elite qualification. As an Executive Platinum member you can pick up 50,000+ redeemable miles, 35,000+ elite qualifying miles, and nearly $5,000 “elite qualifying dollars.”

Anyone taking advantage of this incredible business class fare?

(Tip of the hat to zoqfotpik)

  1. Lucky.

    Check out Thai airways. KUL to BKK to ARN

    $2400AUD in J, RT.

    I posted in the Ask lucky. Ringgit has dropped dramatically. That’s a bargain.

  2. Why not also tell us what you earn in Qatar’s own loyalty scheme ?
    It seems quite reasonable to !

    Any way to reduce YQ on this too ?!

  3. For BKK-LAX, China Southern has much more flexible fares than Qatar: 60 day stay ( or longer) @ 68,000 Baht ( around USD 1800) whereas Qatar is 150,000 ( close to 4,000 USD). Yes, Qatar is a better product but China Souther in much more direct.
    I use Qatar a lot ex Cairo but the ex Bangkok flights are rarely cheap AND sufficiently flexible to take full advantage. But for those who can fit with the conditions, it’s a pretty great deal.

  4. Thanks! Just pulled the trigger on this. Never been to BKK. I will position to BKK probably a few days before to explore. Any suggestions on where to stay?

  5. @Jay depends on your budget somewhat. But there are tons of really nice hotels in BKK for not a lot of money. The Thailand forum at FT has lots of experts

  6. @Jay Niras Bankoc Hostel, the best hostel I’ve ever stayed in. Only $13/night with the best rated Pad Thai in Thailand right across the street

  7. it’s an error fare. Last time it happen 1500$ Bkk-lax r class, all canceled without explainataion or even a phone call or email.

  8. @Kristian @archer528, from VCE aka venezia on QR in J .Booked mid March departure but works from now till September

  9. I don’t think it’s an error fare and R is the deep discount business class. You don’t get extra miles on that class for AAdvantage. Now for the (very) cheap BC from Qatar, it’s always in R.

  10. Well, I live in Thailand and am from Los Angeles. This works GREAT for me and I’ll get the miles for PLT. Great start to 2017. Thank you for the post!

  11. I have seen these great business fares, often advertised here (Thanks Ben!) however, whenever I try and google flight check these prices they often end up being much higher than other people are quoting them here and on flyer talk etc. For example This current deelio is pricing at a bottom of $3101USD for the trip, not even close to the $1465 seen above.

    Anyone else have a problem with this? Could this be because I am using an Australian IP address? (Canberra). God knows we Aussies often get overcharged for things that are cheap as chips in Europe, asia and the US…..

  12. @RakSiam, @Tau.Pau thanks for the information. I’m a bit concerned after the comment that this fare has been around before and cancelled with no warning. Anyone else get in on the deal?

  13. Bought it yesterday for $1579 USD for March 30 –> April 26. The cheaper fare of ~$1485 was around for slightly different days, but I paid a little more for better days for my schedule. I also saw other day configurations going for ~~$1,800. The deal I got for $1579 24 hours ago is now $3,000++ depending on the exact flights…

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