Priority Club’s “Hit it Big” promotion

Well, it looks like Priority Club has a second quarter promotion, which runs from May 14 till August 31, though it isn’t all that exciting. Members can either earn double base points starting with their second stay, or a $50 gift card for every weekend stay, starting with the second weekend stay. You can choose your gift card from over 300 retailers, and there’s a maximum of ten during the promotion period.

Overall it’s not a bad promotion if you typically make weekend stays at cheap hotels, but I was really hoping for a free nights promotion like they had last year.

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  1. Lucky, this is a great deal for us here in AZ. The only good thing about AZ in the summer is that hotels get deeply discounted. I was able to book a room at a HI, each weekend, for ten weeks for less than $48.00 all in. Made the bookings through the PC app on apple devices for an extra 1000 points.

    Thanks for the advice!

  2. lucky, for the gift card option, will we get two $50 gcs after our 2nd stay or is it just one?

  3. @ Ybjfk — Wow, very nice! Nothing nearly that nice here in Tampa…

    @ Bianca B — My understanding is that you’d get only one after your second stay.

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