Priority Club’s “Great Asia 3-Day Sale”

It looks like Priority Club is planning a 3-day sale from February 25 through February 27 for properties in Asia. That sounds nice in theory, since I have a trip to Asia in two weeks and I wouldn’t mind rebooking hotels and saving some money.

Nonetheless, these types of promotions annoy me. Priority Club says they’re going to have a 3-day sale without giving any specific details in regards to how much of a discount we can expect, which hotels qualify, etc. This really makes me wonder whether this is similar to a United “3-day sale,” where they basically just highlight certain routes at normal prices, or whether we’re talking about a sale which features savings of 50% or so.

I hope it’s substantial, since it seems like the rates are non-refundable. This will be the page to visit once the promotion goes live on February 25.


  1. Thanks Douglas. Here’s to hoping the IC Grand Stanford Hong Kong, IC Manila, and Crowne Plaza Manila are on the list. 😀

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