Priority Club’s “Crack the Case” promotion

Priority Club has a pretty cool custom tailored promotion right now, entitled “Crack the Case.” Basically, you have to complete certain “challenges” to get a nice points bonus. Some people got insanely generous offers, while others not so much.

I’m somewhere in the middle, but sure as heck am not complaining. My “challenge” is as follows:

  • Take a survey
  • Stay 18 room nights
  • Stay at 13 properties
  • Stay 8 Saturdays
  • Sign up for a Priority Club Visa

And my reward is 91,000 points for completing four of the challenges, or 162,000 points for completing all five challenges. I won’t be getting a Priority Club Visa, so that limits me to 91,000 points. Either way this is easy, since I have until May 31 of next year to complete four of the challenges. I’ll easily make 18 stays at Priority Club hotels between now and then. So dividing 91,000 miles by 18 hotel nights, we’re looking at a bit over 5,000 bonus points per night. VERY nice!

But what makes this especially rewarding is that this can be combined with the current “Sweet Dilemma” promotion Priority Club is offering . Through that promotion you earn a free night for every two stays between September 20 and December 31, with a limit of five free nights. So if I make ten Saturday night stays between September 20 and the end of the year, I’ll not only earn five free nights I can use at top end InterContinental hotels, but also be over half way to 91,000 bonus points.

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  1. A word of warning: IMHO, the survey is WAY tedious!!!! Not sure filling it in was worth the effort for a mere thousand points…

  2. I was offered the same amount of points and I only have to do 4 of the following 5

    stay 2 Saturdays
    stay 2 brands
    stay 10 nights
    take the survey
    PC Visa

  3. Mine is:

    PC Visa
    2 Saturdays
    2 Brands
    63 Nights

    124,000 for 4; 202,200 points for all 5

    Just the work travel I have planned already should get me very close to the 63 nights between now and May 31, 2011. I’ve already completed the survey. The Saturdays may be a little tougher to get. Not sure I’ll do the Visa.

  4. I’m Plat in PC and AMB with IC. Was not targeted (probably since I don’t reside in the US so I won’t be getting the credit card – or probably because I de-selected promotion mailings in my PC profile). Either way. I called the hotline. It took 20 mins or so and then I received the invitation code via email.
    As I did not stay much with IC lately the target was humane and I think the reward was something around 80k. No visa bonus obviously.

    So my advise: if you REALLY plan to stay with IHG so often till the end of the promotion: call – especially if you are Platinum (I read on FT that Platinum was a minimum requirement for this promotion – not sure if this is true)


  5. I am only a PC gold and I was able to get the promotion. I was reading FT and some people said that if you did not have a box checked on your PC profile that allows you to get promotions then you will not get a code.

    Some people had it emailed to them last week while others like me received it in the mail on a post card this week. You can always call the PC line and they can tell you whether or not you have been targeted.

  6. 2 brands
    survey – done
    PC visa – probably not going to get
    opt-in for emails – done
    10 nights
    2 saturday stays

    grand total – 202k. (plus 5 free nights w/ sweet dilemma).

    Hell yeah….10 stays (2 on a saturday) and I’ll get about 150k points. 60k for the PC visa, but I don’t think it’s quite worth it.

  7. On the advice of Kevin T, I called PC (888-211-9874) to find out if I was targeted for the promo. The rep said that they are usually sent out by invitation only, but sometimes she can make exceptions. She gave me a code over the phone, but was unable to verify whether I had been targeted. I have not received an email, but the invitation could be in the mail that I have not looked at yet. Worth a call to see if you can get an invitation.

    Mine is:

    Stay 10 nights
    Stay at 2 brands
    Stay 2 Saturdays

    Bonus of 178,800 points.

  8. Any way to stack the US grand slam promo as well? It would work for crack the case…but would it work with sweet dilemma too?

  9. I got the a failry easy offer – 5 of 6 of 10 nights/visa/2 brands/2 sat/syurvey/email for a bonus of 125k points. Which means if I do 10 nights between now and 12/31 (and cover the 2 brands/2sat req), I will get about 140k points and 5 free nights – sounds like a good deal to me! Found plenty of ~$60 local rates that I will do it with.

    I’m a gold, but purely by points, rarely stay at IHG properties, but often partake in their promos.

  10. My offer arrived in the mail. 193,500 to unlock.

    10 stays / 3 brands / 2 saturdays / 2000 for survey / 10,000 for emails

    Is the CC a bad deal? I thought it looked pretty good and I am considering going for it since I am cancelling my UA Chase.

    Thanks Priority Club!

  11. I just tried to call. The rep said that this was targeted to those who signed up for some Biggest Loser from Hilton promotion they ran last year. I wish I had known about that one, I’d have made a killing. 🙂

    But he wouldn’t sign me up for this one. He did sign me up for many others, but nothing as good as this.

    I think I’ll try again tomorrow and see if I get a new rep that is more lenient.

  12. Very interesting how widely these promos differ. Mine is 100,000 points for 5 of 6:
    – PC Visa
    – Survey
    – Opt-In Emails
    – 11 Nights
    – 5 Brands
    – 3 Saturday Stays

    The 5 brands will probably be the most difficult for me since I’m on a trip in Asia and there are no Staybridge, Candlewood, or Indigo hotels nearby.

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