Priority Club’s 24 hour award sale

Priority Club is testing a new type of award sale, whereby select hotels are available for 50% (or more) off for just 24 hours. This sale runs through 11:59PM EST Thursday night.

In this instance there are only 12 hotels available on the list, and for the most part the sale is only valid for stays within a few weeks, so the promotion is of limited use to most of us, I suspect.

That being said, this has the potential to be a fun new promotion if it sticks around, hopefully with a few more hotels next time.

So take a peak at the list and see if any of the hotels fit in your travel plans.

(Tip of the hat to Gary)

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  1. Well, you “piqued” my curiosity, so I took a “peek” at the list, and it seems like the Jo’burg Intercontinental is probably the “peak” value.

    (Just razzing you)

  2. I have stayed at the Candlewood Suites property in Raleigh-Cary. It is a stretch to stay there at 5,000/night, let alone 15,000/night.

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