Priority Club Unveils Latest PointBreaks List

Similar to their fall promotion, IHG Rewards Club unveiled their latest PointBreaks list to their “insider” community today, though the properties themselves won’t be bookable until November 1st.  Given that some hotels sell out of PointBreaks availability quickly, it was nice to get a bit of a heads up.

The list looks much better this time around, and includes the InterContinental properties in Johannesburg, Shanghai, Kunming, Tahiti, and Venezuela.

As a reminder, PointBreaks is the promotion through which you can book select hotels for just 5,000 points per night (which are worth $35 at most). The better properties tend to sell out quickly, so you’re always best off speculatively locking in bookings as soon as possible, because you can cancel them till a day or two before check-in.

I’ll post again when the list goes “live” on Friday.

(Tip of the hat to Thomas)

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  1. Interesting to see that according to IHG, Japan has finally overtaken Thailand as a next step to realizing the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere almost 70 years after WWII.

    Also, I can’t imagine you going to Kunming anytime soon, or ever…

  2. @lucky, are these rates refundable or once u book them they are set? wondering if i can change dates later. thanks!

  3. @ AC — You’ll want to check the terms with each hotel, but generally yes, they are refundable. That being said, if you change dates after the hotel is pulled from the PointBreaks list you’ll be charged the new rate.

  4. @lucky, thanks for the quick reply! i forgot i can still test it out on US properties (i’m in asia so its tail end of 31st already) so i clicked thru and it showed up as refundable before 6 pm the day of the actual check in! amazing cancellation policy. thanks again for the heads up!

  5. @lucky – So you say 5k points is worth $35 at most. Looks like the standard rate on is $13.50 for 1,000 points. A promo for a bonus recently ended. Is there a way to get them for less?

  6. Hi Lucky – do you know what time on Nov 1 the pointbreak award will be available? Can’t find any discounted award by 5 AM EST

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