Priority Club PointBreaks list updated!

Priority Club has just updated their PointBreaks list, and for once there are some decent properties on the list. All of them can be had for a mere 5,000 points per night, which is basically a gift.

Here are a few of the highlights:
Crowne Plaza Delhi
Crowne Plaza Dubai
Holiday Inn Atrium Singapore
Holiday Inn Express Causeway Bay Hong Kong
InterContinental Dalian
InterContinental Hanoi Westlake (fantastic hotel, based on what I’ve been told)
InterContinental Marine Drive Mumbai
InterContinental Qingdao

The list comes at a convenient time, given that I’m traveling to Asia in less than a month. Unfortunately neither the InterContinental or Crowne Plaza in Manila are available on PointBreaks, as I was hoping, but the Holiday Inn Galleria Manila is. While the hotel looks relatively run down, I have a hard time turning down a hotel that’s only 5,000 points per night. I guess I have a few options: stay at the Crowne Plaza at a rate of about $130/night all-in, switch all five nights to the Holiday Inn and save $650, or do three nights at the Holiday Inn and then two nights at the InterContinental using a free weekend night certificate.


  1. Life’s too short to do 5 nights at a dumpy Holiday Inn. 5000 points may be hard to turn down at some properties, and while a ‘good deal’ at this one it’s hardly amazing … rates generally run ~ US$85 there (ok, plus tax, but whatever).

    Definitely do two nights with BOGO at the Intercontinental if you’re still a Royal Ambassador. That’s a far better value for those nights.

    And as for the other 3 personally I’d go Crowne Plaza if you’re looking to scrimp on the cash outlay relative to more Intercontinental nights, it does look quite decent… but the differences in rates shouldn’t be that great overall.

  2. Yes Gary, good point. The more I look at the Holiday Inn, the more I realize just how crappy it is. I’m not doing that. I am really tempted to book a trip to Hanoi, though.

    Here’s the issue with three nights at the CP and two at the IC: Right now I’m booked at the CP for five nights, so I went to try and change my reservation to three nights (which would require me to cancel and rebook), and the rate has gone up in the meantime! That means that if I did two nights at the IC, I’d also have to pay more for the first three nights at the CP. Sort of a bummer.

    I would do the IC for all five nights if I were still RA, but I’ll be downgraded by then, which sucks. Therefore the CP actually looks better than the IC (and seems to treat Platinum members better too).

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