Priority Club first quarter partner promotion

Similar to the promotion they had last yearPriority Club is offering bonus points for unique partner activities through March 31 (click the link for participating partners). You get 1,000 bonus points for your first partner activity, 2,000 bonus points for your second partner activity, and 3,000 bonus points for your third partner activity. Unlike the last promotion, you don’t earn 4,000 bonus points for the fourth partner activity.

Oddly enough this promotion seems to have started on February 1, yet I’m just hearing about it now. After the fiasco with the last promotion due to the points not posting correctly, I’m kind of surprised they’re doing this again.

Anyway, this should be a cheap way to earn 6,000 Priority Club points. Go to a Priority Club dining restaurant, swap a few miles via, and buy something through one of their online merchants.

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  1. The swap seems like a pretty terrible value. Transferring 10k PC points (the minimum) only gets me 878 AA miles? Even with 1k bonus points, Ill skip…

  2. whakojacko – I think you want to do the transfer the other direction; that is, convert AA miles to PC points. I’m not sure what the minimum is for that, but it should be a lot lower. I previously converted a small number of miles (10?) to a single PC point.

  3. Ah. It appears you need a minimum of 25K AA to be able to transfer to another program, which I dont have.

  4. ok gang. we should be able to get 6000k free. You can go to the shopping and then to and then look up ca antivirus with free s&h and $50 rebate thus free. then a few points from AA airlines and bonus 2. you all tell me the others for free ( i got you 2 )

  5. @whakojacko. no tax. all it cost you is stamp to send in rebate. plus I will then resell item on ebay and make money on deal and get hotel points. does anyone know if we can do more than one shopping thing. i would think we could get many there if we can get free s&h and rebates from stores. i see officemax has their own link. any 100% rebates there?

  6. Please post your ordeal of geeting American to ticket the award. I am not a fan – if you are used to PS you will be dissapointed with the flagship transcon

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