Priority Club extends their free nights promotion

Priority Club’s original free nights promotion was supposed to expire on July 3. Since that day there have been rumors that the promotion would be extended. In fact, check out this Thai PR page which dishes out the details of the offer. Surely this is a joke, though, since Priority Club would release the details to the public before some Thai website, no? Well, today is July 6 and we don’t have any details of the offer publicly available from Priority Club.

I just called Priority Club, and the polite (outsourced) agent said that the promotion has been extended until August 15. I asked her if this was in writing anywhere for the public, and she said “it’s on, of course.” No, actually, it’s not.

Anyway, it seems like Priority Club has extended this offer through August 15, and you need to re-register. You have the choice of earning either free nights or double points, and your choice can be different than what you went with the last time around. There are still a maximum of four free nights that can be earned.

Now let’s see how much longer it takes for them to publish that info….

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  1. Saw this the other day, didn’t blog as it ’cause no action could be taken yet.

    Registration page still says promo valid through July 3. The registration link works, but won’t accept a new/re- registration from me as I’m previously registered.

    So strange as it’s been floating out there for a few days…

  2. FWIW, I received this e-mail from Priority Club on July 2:

    “Dear DiscoPapa,

    We hope you’ve been enjoying the Double Points or Miles promotion;
    because it’s been so popular, we are extending the opportunity to earn
    double after your 2nd qualifying stay until August 15, 2009.

    That’s right, we’re giving you an extra 6 weeks to earn Double Points
    or Double Miles! We have already registered you for this special
    offer; all you have to do is keep staying.”

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