Priority Club Asia Sale

For three days Priority Club is having an Asia sale for stays between July 22 and October 31. In many cases the price is the same as what they normally charge, but in some cases there are some real bargains. For my upcoming trip to Hong Kong, for example, the InterContinental Grand Stanford is the same price as usual, while the other InterContinental is about $60USD less than usual. Unfortunately the discount only seems to apply for base rooms at that hotel.

Either way, it’s worth checking out if you’re going to Asia.

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  1. Lucky – Thanks for the heads up. I’m planning for a trip to HKG in December. I’m thinking about using the BOGO cert. When using the BOGO, do you book each night as a single night reservation? And also does Advance rate work with BOGO’s? Thanks!

  2. It’s your choice, really. You can book both nights separately or together, it doesn’t matter. I typically book them on the same reservation. You can use a BOGO on an advanced purchase rate. Often hotels don’t charge you until you check-out, in which case they’d only charge you for one night. If they already charged you, you’d receive a refund.

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