Possible 10,000 British Airways miles for spending $1,000 per month for three months

It looks like Chase purchased a few too many miles from British Airways based on the offers they’ve been having with the Chase British Airways Visa. First they offered 5,000 miles for adding an authorized user to an account by May 15, and now they have a targeted offer to encourage spending on the card. They are offering select members that spend $1,000 per month for the months of April, May, and June, 10,000 bonus miles.

I usually don’t report on targeted offers, but in this case I didn’t receive an email or postcard saying I was eligible, yet I managed to register. I emailed Chase through the secure online message center on their website, and mentioned I had heard of a promotion to receive 10,000 bonus miles for spending $1,000 per month for three months. I got a response a few hours later which read as follows:

Dear Benjamin,

I am pleased to confirm that you are eligible to
participate in the promotion offering 10,000 bonus miles
if you spend $1,000.00 during each of the calendar months
of April, May and June. If the spending threshold is
exceeded for each of these months the bonus miles will be
posted within six to eight weeks of the promotion end

To participate in this promotion, please enroll with
enrollment code XXXXXXXXX at www.mychasebonus.com/ba2 or
by calling 800-603-7264.

If you have any further questions, please reply using the
Secure Message Center.

Thank you,

E-mail Customer Service Representative

Unfortunately my brother and dad were rejected for this offer. So if you have a British Airways Visa but didn’t receive a postcard, it might still be worth sending Chase a message to see if you might be eligible.

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  1. The code given is unique and tied to the card holders account and each code is different. As I read the Chase response, you have to charge $1000 each month to qualify ————

  2. My wife called to get the 5K mile authorized user bonus, and without prompting they gave her a code for the 10K bonus.

  3. Here’s the response I received. I guess they see I already use regularly.

    Dear joediver,

    Accounts are unique based on their initial terms, usage,
    length of time open, and rewards. This will generate
    different offers for different accounts and not all
    accounts will be eligible for the same promotions. I have
    reviewed this account and have determined that you were
    not selected to participate in the bonus miles promotion
    in question. Unfortunately I am unable to enroll this
    account into this promotion, since you were not selected
    to participate and cannot guarantee that this account will
    be selected for a future offer. If this account is
    selected to participate in a future promotion, you will be
    notified by a message on the monthly credit card billing
    statement or by promotional mailing.

    If you have any further questions, please reply using the
    Secure Message Center.

    Thank you,

    E-mail Customer Service Representative

  4. I assume, given that we’re already in mid-April, that any spend prior to sign-up will nevertheless count towards the $1k for the month? Anyone seen the actual T&Cs?

  5. @ Oliver — The email I received states quite clearly that it’s based on spend within “calendar months,” so I think it’s safe to assume ALL spend in April counts.

  6. I got a flier in snail mail today offering double miles for all spend at grocery and gas stores if you can spend $1000 at these places from April – June.

    It has the same sign up code as the 10K in 3months offer that I got after emailing Chase so there is something strange going on there.

  7. @Goap – since the sign-up email I received doesn’t say anything about category-specific charges, I’ll assume that this doesn’t apply to me. Chase would likely have a lot of unhappy customers if they tried to change the rules.

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