Video From Last Night: Plane Crash Lands After Landing Gear Collapses

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There was an incident last night at Amsterdam’s Schipol Airport, where a Flybe de Havilland Dash 8 arriving from Edinburgh had a crash landing.

Here’s how the incident is described, per the AvHerald:

A Flybe de Havilland Dash 8-400, registration G-JECP performing flight BE-1284 from Edinburgh,SC (UK) to Amsterdam (Netherlands) with 59 people on board, landed on Amsterdam’s runway 22 at about 16:55L (15:55Z) but came to a stop on the runway with the right main gear collapsed. The crew declared Mayday, Mayday, Mayday reporting the gear had collapsed, they were evacuating onto the runway. Tower reported fire brigades were already on their way and instructed the next arrivals to go around. There were no injuries, the aircraft sustained substantial damage.

A passenger reported the right main gear collapsed upon touch down.

Fortunately no one was seriously injured. What makes this story especially interesting is that there’s footage of the incident, both from the ground and the cabin.

Here’s a view of the landing from the ground:

And here’s a view of the landing from the cabin:

I’m surprised that the impact wasn’t worse when the propellor crashed into the ground. You’d think if that happened at such a high speed the propellor would crack and could potentially make the situation much more dangerous, but it seemed to stay intact.

  1. That is the worst click-bait headline. Come on man! No matter the circumstances leading up to the wheels touching the ground, I think the pilots did a darn impressive job keeping the plane on the runway, level and pretty much under control. If that plane had veered off onto the grass the chance of it becoming a worse situation is very high. As an av geek I’m disappointed you framed it this way.

  2. @willy – where exactly is the clickbait? His title states exactly what happened – a plane crash landed after the landing gear collapsed.

  3. SAS removed the Dash8 from their fleet after 3 landing gear failures in just over a month in 2007 saying, “Confidence in the Q400 has diminished considerably and our customers are becoming increasingly doubtful about flying in this type of aircraft. Accordingly, with the Board of Directors’ approval, I have decided to immediately remove Dash 8 Q400 aircraft from service.”
    This still shouldn’t be happening now.

  4. Level landing? The right wing dropped considerebly before touchdown. From behind it looked a considerable hard landing on right main wheel.

  5. Agreed with James and Endre. I don’t know if there was a wind gust or the PF sneezed during the flare, but that right wing dipped significantly right and that right wheel went down hard.

    Those pilots will not be having tea and biscuits at their meeting with the chief pilot over this incident.

  6. Actually, the argument of “was it a crash-landing or not” I had to look up definition of it. Per Marriam-Webster;
    Definition of crash–land
    transitive verb
    : to land (an airplane or spacecraft) under emergency conditions usually with damage to the craft
    intransitive verb
    : to crash-land an airplane or spacecraft

    Per Cambridge Dictionary ;
    noun [ C ] US ​

    a dangerous or serious situation, such as an accident, that happens suddenly or unexpectedly and needs immediate action

    So was this a crash landing, or just a landing with crash after touchdown?

  7. @greg99, this incident occurred during a wind storm. Even the train service had been disrupted here in Amsterdam on that day.

    Just as a matter of coincidence, I had taken that very same flight from EDI with Flybe just two days before, and it also had a hard time landing, due to wind gusts.

  8. @greg99 “I don’t know if there was wind?” probably worth checking before commenting on the pilots – a major low pressure front (Storm Doris) was over NW Europe that day causing multiple issues – reduced capacity at LHR, all Dublin-London flights cancelled, delays throughout. Given how much it was gusting I think they did a decent job!

  9. @Niko: There have been at least two more incidents where the landing gear collapsed on this model, strangely enough always the right rear wheel. In my country (I come from Scandinavia) we no longer call the bird Dash8, but Crash8.
    They’re all right to fly on though, just avoid rows 6-9 which are in harms way when/if the prop breaks and shrapnel pierce through the hull, as has happened.

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