Philippine Airlines 747 Safety Video

There are some cutting edge airlines you expect to have amusing safety videos (Air New Zealand, Virgin America, etc.), while others where you don’t really expect it. Personally Philippine Airlines falls in the latter category for me.

Their safety video is, surprisingly, really amusing:

Can anyone else spot the “error” in it, though?

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  1. Error probably about turning everything off, but that may not be accepted by them yet; its perfectly their right to demand otherwise.
    Four minutes is too long for a safety video is the worst thing.

  2. Seatbelt in the crotch instead of waist – those flight attendants hands were a little risqué….

  3. Put the oxygen mask on the child first, then put yours on… (video says the other way around)

  4. The wrong cord was used in the subtitles – “chord” instead of “cord”.

  5. You don’t have to put the seatbelt or mask on yourself? The flight attendants to it for you?

  6. That the seatbelt will keep you safe and free from harm in the event of turbulence? The seatbelt will probably minimize injury, but I can’t see how it can keep you “free from harm”. Especially if a galley cart were to break loose, or an overhead bin open up and luggage tumble out.

  7. A typo in the subtitles. Leaving out an ‘a’ before the noun; but I don’t think that’s the error you’re looking for.

  8. I knew there are SOMETHING missing from my SQ flight! Apparently, on a great airline FAs are supposed to buckle & unbuckle your seat belt for you 😛

  9. While the passenger correctly donned his mask before turning to help the child, at the point he was assisting the child his mask was off.

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