Creative: Park Hyatt New York’s $50K Per Night Suite

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The Park Hyatt New York is Hyatt’s flagship property, and this week they’re turning heads with a new suite they just introduced… or did they?

The Park Hyatt New York Manhattan Sky Suite

The Park Hyatt New has this week introduced the Manhattan Sky Suite, which is a suite that retails for $50,000 per night, with a seven night minimum. So yeah, a stay here will cost you at least $350,000.

The suite is 4,200 square feet and is located on the 59th floor of the ultra-lux One57 building.

The suite has three bedrooms and three and a half baths, and boasts amazing views of Central Park. Here are some pictures of this insane suite:

Now, if you’re sitting here asking yourself if this room is really worth $50,000 per night, here’s something that may sway your opinion. šŸ˜‰ A booking here includes complimentary airport transfers by helicopter, a personal chef, butler service, and daily breakfast and spa treatments for up to six guests.

Also, if you’re into points, a stay here would earn you World of Hyatt Globalist status for life, not to mention a ton of points. Earning lifetime Globalist status requires a million base points, and you earn five base points per dollar spent.

So the $350,000 you spend to stay here for a week would nearly double qualify you for lifetime Globalist status.

But Wait A Minute… Is This Part Of The Hotel?

I’ve seen quite a bit of mainstream media coverage about this new “suite” in the past day or so, but not a single story actually seems to pick up on what actually makes this interesting.

The Park Hyatt New York is located in the prestigious One57 building, but it actually only takes up the first 25 or so floors. That’s kind of disappointing, since you’re so close to having Central Park views, but in reality almost all of the rooms in the hotel lack views.

The One57 building as such has units with incredible views, though. It’s one of New York City’s most expensive buildings, and one unit in there even sold for over $100 million.

So what’s going on here? How does the Park Hyatt New York have a “suite” on the 57th floor? Well, based on doing some digging, this isn’t part of the hotel at all.

It looks like the “Manhattan Sky Suite” is in fact simply a One57 condo that’s for sale. It seems to be unit 59B in the building, which is for sale for $27.1 million. The unit has been on the market since at least 2016, and they haven’t budged at all on price.

So essentially the Park Hyatt New York is just marketing and Airbnbing this place. šŸ˜‰ I guess it’s a way to try and generate some revenue while it would otherwise be empty, and who knows, maybe they’re hoping someone who is willing to spend $350,000 per week to stay here might also be interested in buying it.

I can’t help but wonder if this concept has even been cleared with the condo board, since many condo buildings have rules against short term rentals, etc.

Bottom Line

The Park Hyatt New York has a new $50,000 per night suite, with a one week minimum stay. However, in reality this isn’t actually part of the hotel, but rather is just a condo in the One57 building that has been for sale for years.

While the price is of course outrageous, I could see there being some clients from the Middle East who would book this without thinking twice.

  1. Silly question, but is this legal? The property wouldnā€™t be zoned for a hotel, and New York Cityā€™s short term rental laws are pretty strict… then again they were written to benefit the hotel industry so….

  2. Well if you’re planning to stay longer than 77 weeks it makes more sense to actually buy the place! šŸ˜‰

  3. This looks like a desperate play by Extell to rent out a model unit. Hard to think Hyatt is ok with this as it makes the hotel look bad (not to mention the interiors are not up to Park Hyatt standard)

  4. @Andrew Y It’s on the Hyatt website so would be hard to image Hyatt are not okay with it? And having stayed at a few Park Hyatts it would say from the photos the interiors are above normal PH standard. That said, hard to see how often they’d be able to find someone to book this? But I guess two weeks at this rate would be roughly more income that 52-weeks of normal renting of this type of apartment so if you only need to rent it 2 weeks a year to breakeven it probably works.

  5. I canā€™t help but wonder if this concept has even been cleared with the condo board, since many condo buildings have rules against short term rentals, etc.

    Doesn’t matter, it violates NYC’s short-term rental rules (lease terms of less than one month in a multi-unit building) — as enacted with the financial support of. . . the hotel industry.

  6. I am curious why you call this Park Hyatt their “Flagship” property? Hyatt headquarters is in Chicago so one would assume, if they even had one, that this would be the”flagship.” I don’t think either really qualify though as that special a property. The best ones are in Europe and Asia.

  7. Seconding Stuart’s question. There are quite a few very high-end Park Hyatts (and more famous ones), so I’m curious why Park Hyatt New York is their “Flagship”? My money would be on Paris or Tokyo.

    Also – is anyone else not terribly impressed by the Park Hyatt New York? The views were lackluster, the decor is generic, the food was okay, and the service wasn’t terribly brilliant (while I was there at least – concierge was useless for restaurant recommendations). The only thing I really liked about the hotel was the gym, as all city Park Hyatt’s in my experience have stunning gyms.

  8. Builders control the buildings HOA until a certain percentage of units are purchased or a certain number of years have passed (officer terms expired.) If this is still the case they can allow anything they want as far as short term leases, marketing, etc. Obviously they must conform to local laws regarding the same but can likely circumvent any HOA rules by granting “waivers” for specific units, etc.

  9. I stayed at this property last week, and I was not impressed. There are better choices of hotels in the City for the price they are charging for the regular rooms.

    Definitely not one of the better Park Hyatt properties I have stayed. Sydney is still my favorite.

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