Male Pakistan Airlines Crews Banned From Layover Hotel Due To Harassment Claims

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The Express Tribune reports on the rather unusual reason that Pakistan International Airlines crews have been kicked out of a UK hotel (presumably in London or Manchester) that they use for layovers. Apparently there have been many reports of male crew making female guests feel uncomfortable, to the point that they’ll have to find somewhere else to stay:

The hotel told the national flag carrier that female guests at the hotel felt insecure in the presence of PIA’s male crew.

It added that it had received multiple complaints of the airline’s male staff asking female guests at the hotel for their phone numbers.

Therefore, the management added, it would not rent rooms to PIA’s male crew until action was taken against those involved in pestering female guests at the hotel.


This isn’t the first incident involving UK layover hotels for airlines. Earlier this year Air India was supposedly in hot water over their crews taking food “to go” from buffets at the hotel restaurant. Air India’s general manager of inflight service had to sent out an email to crews asking them not to do this — “we have received an unfortunate email from the management of hotel in London stating that some AI crew members regularly come down for breakfast with empty boxes into which they fill food items from the buffet, presumably to eat later.”

This situation with PIA certainly seems more serious, though.

  1. Why don’t the hotel guests understand they are just being culturally enriched? They must just be hateful bigots.

  2. Clearly this is sexist, racist, and _____ist and _____ist too. Those who made this decision are engaging in ______ism and ism.

    ism ism ist ist!!!

  3. If there’s a contract between PIA and the hotel, just go with the words of contract. Honour it until proven otherwise or go for damages. If not, simply go to another hotel with corporate contracts. This is small matters

  4. Why are you linking an incident related to PIA with an incident related to Air India??? Would you link an incident related to American with one related to Air Canada??? Or on incident related to your beloved Lufthansa with Austrian Air???

  5. @Ray — I think it’s the fact that both had teams of FAs that got in trouble at hotels in the UK as evidenced by this sentence: “This isn’t the first incident involving UK layover hotels for airlines.”

    Seems like a pretty fair comparison, and doesn’t seem necessary to read something racial/cultural into it.

    I’m Indian for what it’s worth.

  6. I grew up in Pakistan but I have lived in the west for most of my live now. Pakistan seems unable to deal with modern challenges (economic, environmental, political … this being an example of social challenges). Yes there are some wonderful, kind and very well behaved people there .. but every year the number of uncouth & rude people increases. I guess thats what happens when the system does not reward good values. The culture used to be very respectful to women … but last ten or fifteen years or so I’ve see men in staring at women in public places like vultures. It’s only natural that this behavior continues when these FAs leave the home land. It’s really sad for me to see how such a hospitable and historic culture has come to this.

  7. Sex is the basic need for humans. I think we need government mandated sex satisfaction programs where everyone gets sexual release when they need it. The government needs to hire and pay sex workers that will provide this service to all iys citizens. Sexual release is a basic human right just as Healthcare is. You will not find women marching about equality on this because they are a bunch of hypocrites.

  8. @Debit, I don’t remember exactly where .. I think its in the Netherlands … but the government pays (prostitutes) for sexual satisfaction of disabled people. Again, don’t remember the details, but I believe it is one visit a week. You may find more details if you google.

  9. @Bob, was it the same hotel? Was it even in the same city? Definitively, not “presumably”. Are those the only 2 airlines to have receive complaints? It’s just unfortunate that I see the standards of this blog deteriorating week by week. Not coincidentally, I guess, I’m visiting it less and less frequently.

    It seems that this site is not different than the general new media as a whole. Not enough scoops to go around… so everyone needs to resort to “sensationalistic” headlines and perspectives.

    @Lucky: just a suggestion… if there is not enough “real” stuff to write on, don’t keep adding authors to the site. You just end up having to make stuff up.

    BTW, I used to be a real follower… less and less now. I used to just keep my disagreements to myself. This linking of PIA to Air India was the last straw. Either, 1) it was a deliberate attempt to create some controversy (and clicks), or 2) it was was a level of ignorance unforgivable for someone who is so well travelled globally. Either reason is disappointing.

    “For what it’s worth, I’m neither Indian, nor Pakistani”

    BTW, it looks like it’s brought out the best of the wonderful Peter N!

  10. Kind of really disgusting that you can make an analogy between sexual harassment and taking food from a buffet…

  11. The South Ausyralian government also pays for “services” for disabled clients.

    How did we get so off topic?

    Anyway – just afew bad apples. My trips to Pakistan have been fantastic with the locals being very kind and considerate.

  12. Obviously Ray (aka I don’t visit this anymore because of click bait yet I return to click this story to read the comments) needs trigger warnings.

  13. @petter n
    How come an incident about food at the buffet classifies as sexist? Are you or your parents having sex with food? A turkey at thanksgiving perhaps? Or a pig on christmas?

  14. @Elijah: why would you think Jan’s an “Amerikaynnn”? Because she just defended German? Great logic you have there given the information.

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