Our fastest drive in India so far

One of my favorite things about India is driving… well, being driven. The country takes rush hour to a whole new level. A traffic jam is likely made up of a truck followed by a camel followed by a car followed by a cow followed by a tuk-tuk followed by a herd of water buffalo.

So far every drive we have taken has taken at least 1-2 hours longer than we were told, I suppose because monsoon season just finished up and the roads are especially bad.

We made the drive from Delhi to the Amanbagh resort near Jaipur, and were told it would take about five hours. We made it in just under four.

Why? The minster of something-or-another was driving from Delhi to Jaipur and had two police escorts. While Indians don’t nearly make room for cars with sirens like they do in the US, it certainly helped. Score, as we were able to stay right behind them for three hours.

Now just one more day in paradise before heading home to Tampa for a day, before continuing to the next port of call.

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  1. I think that travel companies and driving services always UNDER communicate what the drive time is, or else people might just say forget it. The driving on some of the two lane highways (and I mean ONE in either direction) say from Agra to Delhi, or Udaipur to Jodhpur can be VERY exciting indeed. Like one big giant game of frogger – WITH YOUR LIFE!

  2. @Tivoboy Actually most of the roads you have mentioned have been upgrade over the last 10 or so years to be four to six lane highways with separators. Also the speed has increased a bit as well, but they are still no where near a highway system. Also when traveling in India you have to do train travel.

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