Only on Singapore Airlines do you get this for your birthday…

Here’s something that made me smile on a Friday afternoon. My friend Jim flew from Singapore to Seoul Incheon in coach on Singapore Airlines on his birthday, and check out what he received:

Only on Singapore Airlines!

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  1. Super upset. Flew cathay first class last night and my wife called ahead (secretly) to inform them september 6 was my 31st birthday. No cake or even a mention of my birthday. Classless.

  2. @ Andrew, Missed opportunity to make your flight memorable? Yes. Classless? That’s a bit extreme. Hope you got to celebrate before/after the flight tho

  3. I flew Southwest on my birthday once. They offered me a free drink and announced to the whole cabin that I was turning 21 (again)! 🙂

  4. Andrew said,

    “Super upset. Flew cathay first class last night and my wife called ahead (secretly) to inform them september 6 was my 31st birthday. No cake or even a mention of my birthday. Classless.”

    That’s no reason to be mad at your wife.

  5. It’s not hard for ground crew or flight control (since ground crew is contracted out) to inform the FAs in advance and arrange for special preparations technically. I find it amazing is to see how this is conducted and executed; what’s best is how all of this is conducted behind the scenes. This is what makes Singapore Airlines so special.

  6. Air Canada gave me a free drink and a business class meal several years ago…but that was when they had customer service

  7. SQ was really kind. The tray was covered with a cloth napkin. There was a glass of champagne and a sweet, dry ice-like punch. The cake had a chocolate base with a mango cheesecake top. One steward and two stewardesses (as they are titled) presented it to me. During descent the leading steward came back from business (no first on this A330) to wish me congratulations as well.

  8. Wow, people are moaning now that they didn’t get something for free on their B-Day on an airline flight? You’ve got to be kidding me!
    Good grief, the fact that anyone actually even expects this says a lot…

  9. Korean Air will do it as well. If you call ahead and let them know of a special event, BDay, Anniversary, etc. they will make a special cake for you as well. Everyone raves about Singapore (I haven’t had the opportunity to fly them *yet*), but I have also had incredible experience flying Korean. I was blown away the first time I received real silverware and actual dishes in economy.

  10. How classless indeed of those Cathay FAs! They should be flogged, and then fired immediately. I mean, talk about a prime example of First World Problems (or rather, First World Entitlement)…

  11. I don’t recall any airline making a fuss over my birthday. Although I do remember an entire train car singing Happy Birthday to me once upon a time. It’s pretty rare that I’m traveling on my actual birthday to begin with. I’m usually at work or if I’m away then I’m probably already at my destination by then. I’ve stayed in Asian hotels that provided cakes and whatnot for birthdays and the like. It’s always appreciated but not something I’d ever try to push on anyone.

  12. Happened to me to 10+ years ago sans alcoholic beverage. Was flying spore to Sydney overnite flight and celebrated my 15th birthday midway. Halfway thru the flight three flight attendnata came with a cake and everything.

    I too was flying economy then (and had no status or was even a krisflyer member)

    No one told them in advance so I’m guessing it was ground staff who noted my DOB on my flight information.

    Good to see that 10 years later SQ still keep this tradition.

  13. I wrote a e-mail to request a free upgrade few week before I fly. They did not upgrade me but I received a B-day cake and a large jug of orange juice in Emirates airlines in Economy class.

  14. hi
    my friend travellign tomo from chennai to songapore ..he is on air at 12 .. i want to send him soem wishes or some surprise . how to do that in singapore airlines

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