Oneworld Emerald Status With One Trip Using Malaysia’s Current Promotion

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Yesterday I wrote about the incredible triple miles promotion that Malaysia Airlines’ Enrich program is offering. As long as you book by October 15, 2018, and travel by March 31, 2019, you can receive triple elite qualifying and award miles on all Malaysia Airlines marketed and operated flights.

That’s a really generous promotion. As I mentioned in the post, you could potentially earn their top tier Platinum status (which earns you oneworld Emerald) with a single roundtrip flight in first class between Kuala Lumpur and London. However, the fares in that market are outrageously expensive.

So there’s another option for earning oneworld Emerald status with a single trip in business class for a fairly reasonable price. Specifically, you can fly roundtrip from Tokyo Narita to London Heathrow via Kuala Lumpur for under $2,800 in business class.

This books into the “D” business class fare bucket, which typically earns you 175% elite qualifying and award miles.

That means through this promotion you’d earn 525% elite qualifying and award miles. This trip covers a distance of just under 20,000 miles, meaning you’d earn about 105,000 elite qualifying and redeemable miles, which is more than enough to earn top tier status.

Now, obviously this isn’t going to be worth it for everyone, but it is a pretty cool opportunity that’s worth pointing out, if nothing else.

So, what benefits does Platinum status get you? It of course gets you priority check-in, security, and boarding, as well as lounge access. Platinum members even get a meet & greet service at Kuala Lumpur Airport. However, as a published benefit Platinum members don’t receive any upgrades, though they are at the top of the list for any operational upgrades.

Significantly this also gets you oneworld Emerald status, which is useful if flying other airlines. Even if you’re just flying domestically within the US you’d be able to use American Flagship Lounges as well as the Qantas First Class Lounge LAX, which are some pretty cool privileges.

Malaysia Platinum status gets you access to the Qantas First Lounge whenever flying American

Like I said, I’m not jumping to book this fare, though I do find this to be intriguing…

(Tip of the hat to tango3)

  1. Once you qualify for Oneworld Emerald through Malaysian Airline this way, can you ‘status match’ or ‘transfer that status’ to another air line in the Oneworld alliance to maintain there? Like I might not want to keep flying Malaysian in later years to retain that status, can I use this to jump start a Executive Platinum on AA?

  2. @ Andrew — I don’t know of any oneworld airline that provides any sort of a match or even substantial status challenge towards Emerald, though I could be mistaken.

  3. I may be in Japan in March so I’m tempted to do this to come back to DFW the long way. My question is, say I book a flight on AA from DFW to wherever and have my Advantage number on it. Can I still walk into to the Flagship lounge by showing my Malaysia Platinum card? or does my Malaysia number have to be on the flight?

  4. @ Hal — I have oneworld Emerald status through LATAM and am able to access the lounges using that status while also having my American number on the reservation.

  5. @ Ben — With Enrich Platinum/OW Emerald, how likely do you think it is that one would be turned away at the Qantas F lounge at LAX when traveling on a domestic AA flight? I thought that this lounge did not allow access to AA EXP’s on domestic AA itineraries (or perhaps even on international ones), so I am concerned that a bunch of newly minted Americans with Enrich Platinum status may soon receive the same treatment.

  6. @Lucky – Will you lead a mileage run tour group with this promotion for some of your readers? If so, I’d be interested in this fare for OW Emerald status.

  7. @Gene
    My guess is in total it will be like maybe 10 of them taking the advantage all the way to Emerald. There is no real benefits over EXP besides the lounge access in domestic travel. And actually, one can just go for oneworld sapphire with lower cost. The only difference is as you mentioned, Qantas F in LAX. I don’t know how many times will it be that matter to an EXP/other program sapphire in domestic travel, given there ain’t that many domestic transfers through LAX.
    The flight cost, position flight, 3,4 days of time, all adds up to something that will be very difficult to justify the incremental benefits

  8. This does sound like fun, & probably not much more than my AA Pltm retention costs

    I can see using AS Miles for JAL 1 st for positioning

    VX_Flier has a fun idea!

  9. @Lucky
    how much do you think the 100k miles will be worth?
    and did you find any easier ones to go for just sapphire?

  10. Not only is it unfair, but outright deceptive to use status from a partner airline and credit miles to another (AA and LATAM status) . Clearly, airlines cant police every loophole someone tries to take advantage of, but seriously? Where does this stop? How about persistent complaints to get free miles (EQM if possible!), social media shaming warnings, etc? Lounge access is a perk associated with repeat business (unless you buy access) – pretend loyalty while accruing miles on another is tantamount to cheating. You know MH pays for your access, and earns no revenue from that trip?

  11. @Lucky – how did you find the $2800 rate for NRT-KUL-LHR round trip? Or what steps did you take to get that fare in Business?

    I can only find a similar route in Google Flights for roughly $3700 and that requires a 26-hour layover in Kuala Lumpur.

    Definitely has me thinking about this promotion. I’m going to take vacation days for this if you lead the tour group!

  12. @Deepak – I don’t think I have to defend @Lucky on his site, but he’s clearly finding innovative ways for me to fly throughout the world.

    How do you question someone who finds opportunities to discover new places and adventures, while staying within the guidelines set by the airlines?

    You should Google “airline alliance” for more details, by the way.

  13. @VX_Flier
    $2800 rate no longer available, seeing $2941 on almost all dates. You’re likely looking at Canadian prices. Switch to USD.

  14. @ Deepak — Actually, that’s not the case. In oneworld, the operating airline pays for lounge access, so MH wouldn’t be the airline paying for access.

  15. Didn’t you status match with LATAM last December using your AAdvantage exec plat status? Anyway, if LATAM still does status matches for its top-tier, then I can see people who take advantage of this MH promo try and apply for a LATAM status match (provided they’ve flown LATAM once the past 12 months.)

  16. @ zz — I’d value them at maybe a penny each at most. Personally I don’t think Malaysia miles are that valuable. There are also some good fares between Asia and Australia, which would be useful if you’re going for Sapphire status.

  17. @David – Thabnks, And you’re right. Similar fares still available but each way requires a 26-hour minimum layover in KUL.

    Also looks like a minimum 4-day trip for that rate. I’m seriously looking at the higher rate for quick turnarounds instead (have to get back to work)

  18. @ Joey — True, yep, though I’m not positive they’re still matching, and you need to have flown LATAM in the past 12 months to qualify.

  19. Can anybody confirm that you are immediately upgraded to the appropriate status, and have it for the rest of the following calendar year?

    i.e. Do a mileage run in January 2019 and get the status for the rest of 2019 and all of 2020?

    Soft landing?

  20. There was a comment about this yesterday regarding a trip from Sydney to London to get overworld status.

    Maybe lucky was planning on this article anyway or maybe, as in many other cases, lucky got the inspiration for the article from the comment.

    Whatever it is, brown nosers should come up for air once in a while to get the big picture before they comment.

  21. @ Ben — To clarify, you use your EXP status to obtain access to the QF F lounge on domestic AA travel?

  22. @VX_Flyer
    Can’t seem to post Google flight links, but I’m not seeing 26 hour layovers. I only see 2-6 hour ones. Sample:
    Feb 6 – MH 89, MH 2
    Feb 13 – MH 3, MH 70

  23. @Lucky

    I believe 3X promo is only valid for base miles as per T&C. Hence calculation should read 175%+300%=475% and not 525%.

    Also reading MH’s website with examples it seems that flying J at 200% Elite Miles with a 3X promo for a distance of 26,348 miles would only get you 79,044 Elite Miles and qualify for gold status effectively making this a 2X promotion.

  24. It’s possible to get 100k miles by paying less than $1800, but it’s economy and the return trip needs to be taken twice.

  25. can you use this status when travelling on Star Alliance airline (meaning lounge access Lax F) or do I need to ask status match/challenge on star Alliance airline first.

  26. My Qantas Gold recently expired and I’ve moved over from Perth to Sydney.. Wouldn’t be a bad card to get if I do some international oneworld flights out of Sydney in the future.. First class lounge access would be lovely

  27. @Lucky, do you think it is worth it to get the OW top tier status and then get matching from Alaska to MVP Gold 75K. Do you think Alaska will allow me to match if I currently has MVP?

  28. @ Jaybee — I generally don’t think they match Malaysia Platinum status. I can’t guarantee they don’t, but it’s not a published airline, and I doubt they do. So I’m not sure that would be a good strategy.

  29. @Lucky

    How can you check the number of miles earned on Malaysia website?

    Something similar to QCalculator on Qmiles website?

    Fares out of Jakarta also good – but don’t think it reaches 20000 miles


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