One of my most interesting hotel stays ever…

I was in San Diego last night, and as some of you may remember from earlier in the week, had a tough time deciding where to stay.

Before I actually write a trip report and talk in detail about where I stayed, here are four pictures which, in chronological order, sum up my stay pretty well:

Stay tuned! šŸ˜‰

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  1. US Grant Signature Suite… Bedbug… Ghost cookie (hopefully not bitten by someone else, left in the room and uncleaned by housekeeping)… Dinner at Grant Grill.

  2. Yikes. With the recent bedbug outbreak plaguing the States, I think any “bug sighting” is worth taking VERY seriously.

    Better to be safe than sorry!

  3. I think gobluetwo is right on. Looks like a baby cockroach.
    Regardless, itā€™s free animal protein, and very fresh. I hope it didnā€™t go to waste.

    I know, I knowā€¦ Halloween is over. Sighā€¦

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